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Manicures -- Finally!

Marilyn and I did finally go out and get our manicures done today. Our plan to do them yesterday simply did NOT happen. In fact, neither one of us was feeling that great yesterday. Not surprising considering we didn't feel most of the past week.

Yesterday was a nasty, rainy day. A good day to be curled up at home, doing nothing...

Today we started out with high winds, and no rain -- but it did rain a bit on and off during the day.

I spent a little bit of time reading my Kindle paperwhite (I'm a bit beyond halfway done with my current book).

As for our manicures, we both got fills. Often I'll get a full set when Marilyn is getting a fill. (A full set is more expensive, because they take off the old nails and put on new tips. With a fill, they grind down and add to the current nails -- and then cut down the length.) I actually wanted a COLOR (!!!) this time around -- which I haven't done in years. In fact, I can't remember the last time I've had a full color, as opposed to colored tips or French manicures. The exciting part? I got a Gel color, which is very cool! I wish I had a photo, but I don't right now. But they're a wonderful shade of blue, what I think of as a 'frosting' color (currently very popular). I had an undercoat, two coats of color and two coats of topcoat -- that's five coats! I imagine this will wear really well.

Of course, I've stubbed my right big toe yet again -- I do it all the time, for whatever reason. (Marilyn thinks it's tied to my being lefthanded...) And I've once again chipped the color from my pedicure. I could have had that fixed today, but didn't bother. It barely shows, so whatever...

We did go to Starbucks before our manicures (they asked us to wait half an hour). And I used my Starbucks App on my phone to buy a chai latte (I needed the hot liquid on my poor throat...).

We did stop briefly at sister Sue's house to drop off the medicine for poor Candy. She fell off the trampoline a few days ago and really messed herself up! She terribly bruised and has been in a lot of pain. I promised to send these to her last Thursday, when I was over at their house. I was supposed to run in and get them, then have Sue take them home with her. (sigh) Naturally I forgot...

I also took a Sharpie over to Sue. When I was there on Thursday I wanted one, but they didn't have any. Really??? Who doesn't have Sharpies??? Marilyn and I have piles of them, in many colors. I guess I'll look around and find her some more and take some additional pens to her. Everybody needs them, as far as I'm concerned! Plus we have them in more than one size, too... Anyway, sounds silly, I guess, but I use them almost every single day.

Oh. And the Emmys? I barely watched at all. I remain disgusted about Larry Hagman. When they did do the list of deceased, they used AWFUL photos of almost everyone! I found that odd. Why wouldn't they have a RECENT photo of people like Larry??? And why in HELL did they find it necessary to tell the TV shows of some of the people (like Jack Klugman) and not all of the actors? I mean, we either know them, or we don't... (sigh)

It's certainly autumn now! (Astronomical fall in the Northern Hemisphere for 2013 began today, Sunday, September 22 -- and it ends on Friday, December 20, when winter will start.) Today was basically gray and stormy on and off...

And I don't mind. I like the change of the seasons! Glad to live here in Portland.

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