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Honoring Larry Hagman -- Why NOT, Emmys?

I was really disgusted and disappointed when the Academy Awards (Oscars) decided NOT to include Larry Hagman in the list of those who had died -- and even though Larry was primarily a TV actor, he did make some movies. Besides, he was an iconic actor!

Now we find out that though he'll be 'mentioned' in the list of those who died at the Emmys, he won't be among the five people who will receive extended HONORS. Those five people will be: James Gandolfini, Cory Monteith, Jean Stapleton, Gary David Goldberg and Jonathan Winters. (This segment will include personal tributes from close friends and/or coworkers.)

I'm not going to get into the debate about whether or not Larry should have been included instead of Cory Monteith, because I understand why Cory is included -- his death had a huge impact on society, especially YOUNG people. Yes, it's true that he died due to a drug overdose -- that really doesn't matter to me. I've been watching this happen with performers that I like my entire life, so Cory is far from the first. The cause of death doesn't matter, does it? We've lost people we care about (even love), and the loss hurts -- like losing someone from our own family. Actually, it might even be MORE PAINFUL than losing a family member, because we frequently feel so close to the characters who enter into our lives and give us special things when we really need them. If that sounds wrong to some of you, I'm sorry -- but the characters from books, movies and TV have had a huge impact on my life. And I think members of my family would AGREE with that. Even when a family member or friend lets us down, we can frequently turn to a beloved character to cheer and warm us...

Okay, this can certainly be seen as a matter of ageism. Larry had a really LONG career, which included Emmy nominations -- and Cory had a much shorter career, mainly showing us the promise for future success. Again, it's not about that. I won't suggest Cory should have been dropped and Larry put in his place. Rather, how about including BOTH of them? Aside from a meaningful and, yes, long career, Larry was also extremely well liked and known worldwide. He was basically performing from his youth up until his death -- and he's greatly missed on the current version of "Dallas." I don't suggest Larry is 'better' than any of the five people selected -- clearly that's subjective. Sure, they have pick a limited number of people and someone will always feel angry about who is left out -- I get that. But Larry's been included numerous lists of the top TV villains (deservedly so!). He really is iconic...

I feel a bitter disappointment about this, I have to say. I loved Larry even more as an older man than I did when he was younger. In fact, I feel he was an amazingly older man -- one who was still very interesting, attractive and even sexy. Look, there's no question Cory Monteith was handsome and a talented singer/performer (I, too, enjoyed him on "Glee"). But there's a lot to be said for honoring older men in a world that includes people of all ages...

It's funny. I've always enjoyed actors of all ages -- since I was a child up until right now, when I am identified as a 'senior' (shudder) myself. Just because I'm older it doesn't mean I don't still look at young men and enjoy their appeal -- I totally DO. And I don't necessarily think men my age are all that hot, as a rule (grin). But Larry Hagman as JR? (whew) He blew my socks off!

There won't ever be another time for the Emmys to suddenly honor this man, so this opportunity wasted is painful to me. And, yes, I was always a Jack Klugman fan, as well -- and I feel his pain: "I think it’s criminal," said Adam Klugman in an interview with The Associated Press. "My dad was at the inception of television and helped build it in the early days." (I was a big fan of both "The Odd Couple" and "Quincy M.E.") So this isn't only about Larry being snubbed...

I wish this hadn't become a debate between younger fans and older fans, because I just don't think that's the issue here. This quote annoys me no end: The Emmys will honor Cory Monteith but not Jack Klugman or Larry Hagman. Where in that sentence you said "Who?" will tell us how old you are. I know all three actors -- that must place me on the REALLY OLD scale, admitting to know Jack and Larry. But I was shocked and saddened by Cory's death: Just because we age, it doesn't mean we can't be aware and appreciative of young performers.

REMEMBER: I'm not your mother or your grandmother -- and I don't think of myself as OLD (even if that's clearly the case). I listen to current music (and love it), watch current TV shows and see current movies. Yes, I'm lucky enough to remember a lot of things that happened during my now rather long life, as well as what's happened in the past couple of decades. The trade-off is wrinkles (sigh) and other signs of aging (though you'll be hard pressed to see me with gray or white hair!!!). Don't kid yourself, being thought of as old sucks -- but it doesn't happen to me all that often! (And so far you don't see ME cashing in on 'senior' discounts of any kind! Not going there!!!)

Well, Larry, there are a lot of us HONORING you right now -- and upset for this snub. I'm enjoying see the outrage from other "Dallas" fans, truth to tell! And this is from people of ALL ages, not just older fans...

Oh! Almost forgot: For those interested, here's some links to articles about this news item...

There were many, many more, but I just grabbed a few...

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