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Good Day at the Office

First, I didn't sleep at all well last night. I was just lying awake for ages. It sure made it hard to get up this morning...

Donn was late due to traffic, so we barely had time to run to Starbucks for coffee. I chatted with him to prepare him for the 10:00 meeting with Kris and Marilyn. I wanted to be sure we were on the same page. Basically I wanted him to sit in on the meeting, but not participate unless asked for an opinion. That worked out really well, I can happily say...

Marilyn was in a meeting from almost the minute she got in, so I took Donn back to her office and we closed the door to talk prior to having Kris join us. (Yes, we picked up Starbucks for 'the Boss.')

Kris joined us shortly after we went back there, and we started to discuss non-meeting matters. The second I'd come in to work I had two different IT matters brought up -- one by Ashley (regarding her access to her My Documents on her computer) and one by Stephanie (about rolling over the Access database from 2013 to 2014). So we chatted those and tried to skirt the real list.

Marilyn finally got out of her meeting and joined us, and we began to discuss the phone system situation in earnest. Back in February (you can see the entry HERE, on February 12), we had a power outage in downtown Portland. Since that time, our phones have barely been working. Perhaps there's no connection between that event and our very serious phone issues, but I have to mention it, even so...

These are the worst issues we've ever had with our phone system in the time I've been doing IT during this year. And we've been attempting to address it since February without success. Going through the festival was really difficult without working phones.

Kris really knows his stuff about the phone system and we had a very fruitful discussion. He's going to take the lead on this going forward and deal directly with Mark (and Rick) about the situation. The discussion was lengthy and detailed, so I won't even try to go into the details. But I really feel hopeful about it for the first time!

After the phone discussion Marilyn moved on to another meeting, and Kris and I began to discuss the other items on the list I'd given him. We have a new computer that's supposed to go to Marilyn, but we're unable to use Remote Desktop with that machine. Kris had told me that if we purchased a machine off the shelf and DID NOT change the Operating System, we wouldn't have this issue. (Out of the last three brand new machines we bought, two were able to Remote and one wasn't -- these three machines had been changed to the WinXP OS.) Anyway, we three chatted it through, including discussing going forward to a new OS for the entire office. Donn believes we could use Win8 on all the machines -- even the older ones. (He has a lot of experience using this OS with older computers.) So we're thinking about going that direction. As most people know, support for Windows XP is ending on April 8, 2014, so even if we'd prefer not to address this, we're going to need to do it this year...

This is about compatibility issues both directions, of course. We've got new software like Quickbooks (for our accounting) that will have problems on a go-forward with WinXP. Then we've got a TON of older software (what non-profit doesn't???) that's going to have issues being used with a new OS.

Kris was planning to take Marilyn's new tower home over the weekend. But instead he set it up with Log Me In (a Remote service we've all used many times) so that he could access it from home to work on the Remoting problem. Donn had asked to do the same on a different machine -- the one that used to belong to Alex when she was there. This machine had failed just about the time that Steven started at our office (you can read about that crash HERE that happened last November 2) -- and was then sent to Texas for servicing (long story). When it came back it seemed to work fine -- but it wouldn't Remote for anything. Donn went to set it up at an intern station today so he could add Log Me In and do the same thing Kris was doing with the other machine, but guess what? The damn thing has CRASHED again! I just don't believe it. I had him take it home -- he's going to try another hard drive to see what's what. Marilyn and I discussed it later and determined we don't want to put a bunch more time and money into that machine -- it seems it might be shot. I was really after him prior to talking to her to get it back for me, as I need the piece of equipment. But what the hell. If it's no good, then we can't afford the waste of time and money, clearly...

Anyway, both Kris and Donn wrapped up around noon-ish. Then Marilyn and I went for a walk on the esplanade in Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park. We took along our phones and both shot a bunch of photos. It was a lovely day and we got a lot of nice pictures. When we got back we had a meeting with Steven (closed door) where we talked about religion and recent things going on with the Pope. It was interesting and we all enjoyed it. Then I ran over and got us some lunch.

While we were in with Steven, Todd came by and brought my MONITORS (!!!) to the office! I was so excited to see them! They were along the wall in the reception area and in on the conference table in the conference room. When I got back from getting food, Marilyn and Steven helped me move most of them upstairs. We put them in the IT Room, in the IT storage area near my desk (outside the IT Room) and in the closet in the corner of the upstairs conference room. Christine was heading over to storage today, so she took the rest over there -- Shelley had said she could put them in the the upstairs accounting room. (Steven might have helped with that, but I don't know -- I kind of lost track of things...) These are 19 inch flat screens and we really, really needed them! Todd's office got new ones, so like back in 2007, we got this wonderful donation. I'm thrilled. Many of our old flat screens are failing now, so it's a real coup. And I'll be able to do dual monitors for the last six stations that don't have them, as well...

I did a bunch of work aside from all this, but nothing that's important enough to list. Marilyn and I were home by 7:30 and I basically changed and went right in to lie down. I was asleep almost immediately and just work up a bit ago...

As you can see, this was a very successful day for me!

Tomorrow? We need to get our manicures first thing (!!!), as we have a wedding reception in the afternoon/evening. We also wanted to go and upick more green tomatoes (rain or no rain). Plus we need to go pick up a card, at the very least, for Candee and Roger (who were married yesterday). And maybe a gift, if we can find something we like... Then the reception starts at 4:00 and runs until 11:00 p.m. So we have a busy day in front of us.

Sunday? Marilyn needs to go in the office and work on budgets!!! I think I can put that time to good use by starting to 'process' a bunch of the new monitors. (They need stickers removed and to be cleaned up...)

So actually we have a busy weekend in front of us!

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