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What's the Deal with My Laptop???

This entry is really an aside...

Since the new modem (mentioned HERE), I suddenly have major issues with the WiFi on my laptop... I suppose it figures...

I guess I'll have to try moving the laptop to another part of the family room. But that's not really very CONVENIENT, considering it's right where I always sit at the current time. (sigh)

But I just tried to post my recent blog entry downstairs (I didn't want to bother to come up here to the office for that) -- and I lost the entry because I lost the internet connection! So I had to come up here and re-do it. Happily part of it was still there. But this isn't the first time it's happened. I guess in the future I need to get my butt up to the office and not try to use the laptop (unless we're talking at the beach house).


I wish I knew a way you could BOOST the WiFi signal. A reasonable way that's not terribly expensive, while we're on the subject. At one point somebody was telling us about a way to boost our cell phone reception -- but it was going to cost around $100 (!!!), and I don't consider that all that reasonable an expense!

Anyway, just had to vent a bit...

Tags: 2013, blogging, laptop, modem, rant, september-2013, wifi

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