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We Both Stayed Home Sick Today...

Marilyn thinks we got a touch of food poisoning, not sure from what. And I was also dealing with other (TMI: bowel) issues, so it was just as well I was home...

Now I'll have to try and set up a meeting with Kris again. And I need to phone and chat with Donn, too...

I didn't mention that yesterday was the IFEA announcement of Pinnacle awards for 2013. I'm pretty sure at some point that I mentioned we entered very few submissions this year -- especially compared to recent years. We were disappointed by the amount of awards won in 2012 (when we were THERE, by the way). I hope it doesn't sound petty. You have to understand that we put a TON of work into these submissions -- and a lot of very long hours. (In recent years Marilyn has given up her Fourth of July weekend to work on these.)

Anyway, we cut back. Considering every submission has a fee, that was also a good fiscal decision. But we did enter the eNewsletter again. I'm proud and happy to report that we took a Bronze for our eNewsletter. Since 2007, I've worked on the eNewsletter every year but one (when we decided not to produce it). Each of those five years we've won an award, including each of the categories (Gold, Silver and Bronze). In other words, since I took over, we haven't had a single year that we didn't win. Yes, Bronze is only third place, but it's still an award -- so I'm happy to have it.

We won a total of nine awards this year, which is nearly half of everything we entered -- so it's really not a bad showing. But we didn't win Gold (we got Silver) for the Green category (we've had Gold so many times I can't even remember how many we've won) -- which is especially annoying in the year where Portland hosted World Environment Day!

Well, less said the better about the Pinnacle awards. We were unhappy in 2012, so obviously we're not happy for 2013... For IFEA it's their major fundraiser -- and I'm sure they must have been surprised to have us do so few entries. But the return on our time and effort (as well as fees) just doesn't warrant a change in this new policy. Working on the awards for deadline always happens just as we're coming off our festival (and six months of exhausting work), so timing figures in, as well.

This might well be the last year I do the eNewsletter (with the revamp of the website happening -- and the eNewsletter being tied to that), so this means a lot to me. I've certainly enjoyed the opportunity to be able to produce these...

So we didn't really do anything today, not feeling well. But we did get "World War Z" On Demand and watch it. (We saw it when it was on the big screen.) There was supposed to be an additional seven minutes, but I didn't really catch it... Anyway, I used to be a Brad Pitt fan and then got really sick of him over the years. Yet I have to say he did a very good job in this movie -- and played a very likeable character.

That's it for today. I've missed a number of recent BIRTHDAYS of my LiveJournal friends (!!!), so maybe I can try to catch up soon. (sigh) I don't know what my problem is this summer: I can't keep up with my emails (especially personal emails), can't seem to get my festival thank you notes done (!!!) and am even bad at social media. The only place I'm doing okay is at Instagram -- and it's really easy there (easier than any other social media I belong to).

But LiveJournal is VERY IMPORTANT to me, so I don't want to keep letting things slide here! I need to answer comments and start commenting more. At least I do read, even if I don't comment the way I normally would...

I'd love to wake up one of these days and feel full of energy and motivation -- and just jump in and get a lot of things done. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow. (grin)

Love you guys!

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