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Errands -- Shopping

The most important things Marilyn and I got done today? Errands. We needed to do some SHOPPING. So we went out to Gresham earlier in the day and did a bunch of 'beauty' shopping (shampoo, conditioner, other hair products, perfumes, face creams and on and on)...

We did stop for Starbucks while there (green tea latte).

Then tonight (just back!) we finally went shopping at Walmart. That was groceries and supplements and assorted items -- two shopping carts full (!!!) this time around. It includes a case of water and cases of pop and lots of paper products (toilet paper, paper towels and Kleenex). Butter and cheese and meat sticks and cooking oil and mayo and on and on. Food for the cats! Anyway, glad to have THAT trip out of the way...

Work tomorrow! I haven't been in to the office in three weeks (considering I never made it last week). I've got both Donn and Kris coming in.

Anyway, bedtime soon!!!

Tags: 2013, donn, errands, festival, food, groceries, kris, marilyn, office, september-2013, shopping, sleep, work

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