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Good News!

First, the good news for today: My friend June got word that her ring was FOUND in one of the stores she'd been shopping in yesterday! Thanks to everyone who sent good thoughts (and prayers) her way -- I really believe it helped. Such a blessing for her to get this ring back, which belonged to her beloved mother, Dorothy.

Today Marilyn and I decided we were STAYING HOME all day. So even though we had some errands we could have done, we skipped those for today. We spent a lot of time just lazing around (and even sleeping) today. Again, it's really nice for us to get a lot of REST on the weekend, to make up for the rest we miss during the previous week (and to prepare us for the coming week).

One of our new goals this year has been to try and get more sleep. We're still working on that...

Miss America was on tonight -- and Nina Davuluri is the first Miss America of east Indian descent. Speaking of the former Miss New York, there's quite a controversy about the whole calling last year's Miss America 'fat as f***.' It appears that the current Miss America wasn't the one who said that, but I don't know that we'll ever know that for sure. Anyway, they did investigate and supposedly there was nothing to hold against her. It's a shame, considering her own issues with bulimia in college. Plus she had planned to have her public platform be to promote healthy eating and realistic beauty standards -- so we'll see how that goes.

For years our festival courts have had young women of ALL sizes and appearances -- and I have to tell you I think it's refreshing. These courts truly represent young women, who differ widely from one another. And I can't think of a better way to encourage other young women to be themselves and remain proud than to have our Princesses display all the possibilities of body types.

Sure, you ideally want people to be their BEST selves -- which means to be a healthy weight, of course. But realistically, that's not always possible. I've long felt that I can be an example of what you're able to accomplish regardless of body type, considering I'm both happy and successful regardless of being overweight. Yes, I recognize that I should weigh less and be healthier -- don't get me wrong here. I'm not an example of how others should want to be when it comes to weight. But I don't base my self-worth on my weight, and I think it's very important for young women (especially) not to do that. We've had women with eating disorders associated with the festival, and I always feel the variety of body types on our staff are a good example for them -- and that includes me.

Well, I didn't mean to get off on that, but I feel it's very sad when young women hurt their health with eating disorders (and I've seen far too much of it). Yes, being fat (forgive me for saying the f-word, but that's what we are talking about!) is unhealthy. But I've seen young women destroy their bodies with anorexia and bulimia...

This is a reminder that I need to continue to work to be HEALTHIER -- and don't think I don't know it!

In other news, I'm reading a rather odd book and am about half way through it. I'll share more about it later on. I'm still not sure what I really feel about it, to tell you the truth! It's really out there, with a strange concept. But I'm still 'giving it a chance' at this point. Hahahahahaha.

It's certainly nice to know we have another day off! This time of year those Mondays off are just more wonderful than I can say!

Marilyn and I need to go get our manicures. (sigh) And we need to go shopping at Walmart sometime soon. (sigh) Maybe tomorrow???

And that's my Sunday...

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