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Picking Green Tomatoes...

Marilyn and I both slept in late today, which was nice...

Saturdays are GREAT days for sleeping!!!

This afternoon we had sister Sue come by and ride down to Sauvie Island with us to go to Kruger's Farm Market so we could pick green tomatoes -- only the second time we've done that this year! Believe it or, the tomatoes are almost done. And we're expecting rain, which will be the end of them...

It's quite a walk up the hill where the tomatoes are planted. You're allowed to drive up there (many people had done that), but we walked -- and it was a nice walk (if quite hot!). We both took a bunch of photos that we can share at Instagram while having our walk.

So we each picked up a bag full of greenies. Then we went back down to the barn to get some zucchini. We also got some lemon cucumbers, which we both love. Sister Sue sat in the car and read while we did all this...

Almost forgot! We also got a couple of hot dogs on the island (Sue was afraid to try one today).

Nice to see and visit with Sue! She headed back home after we got back. I washed the lemon cucumbers, but I still need to take care of the other veggies. If you carefully wash and dry the green tomatoes -- and then keep them in the fridge -- they'll last for some time.

So the hot dogs looked UNDER COOKED to us, so I heated up the oven and baked them a bit, just to be sure. We ate those right down and were still hungry! (Of course, we hadn't eaten all day and it was afternoon, so...) Ever have one of those HUNGRY DAYS??? This was one!

So after that we also ate some of the deli food Marilyn brought home for dinner last night -- along with some lemon cukes. Nothing tastes like summer like a lemon cuke! You can't have it any other time of year, and you can't just buy it at the store -- you have to get it at a farm or farm market (or from a friend who has grown them)...

So, we're watching an old favorite of ours, a black and white film made in 1943, "Phantom of the Opera," featuring Claude Rains as Erique Claudin (the Phantom). He was wonderful in the role! And the famous Nelson Eddy as Anatole Garron. With Edgar Barrier as Raoul D'Aubert and Susanna Foster as Christine Dubois. If you don't know who Nelson Eddy is, you can read about him HERE. At the height of his career, he was the highest paid singer in the world. It's interesting that he was a famous opera singer, but also known for non-opera singing. He made 19 movies and appeared in operas -- PLUS on the concert stage, radio, television and in nightclubs! He had a huge fan following that included young women who shrieked and fainted when he performed. And he sang for the third inauguration of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941!

Our favorite part of the whole movie is the end, when Anatole and Edgar actually END UP TOGETHER, while Christine (whom they have both pursued) goes off to focus on her amazing career. I always smile thinking of the two men with their arms linked, heading off to dinner together... Such a nice, slashy end!!! The music in the film is wonderful to hear, by the way...

I'm reading a new book, but not that far into it, yet. It's a dinosaur book (think Michael Crichton and "Jurassic Park"). It got good reviews and comparisons to "Jurassic Park" (which I love), so I'm excited to see how it goes.

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my Kindle paperwhite??? It's really wonderful!

Oh! Please send good thoughts (and prayers -- those to St. Jude can be especially helpful, I find) to my friend June, will you??? She lost her diamond ring today (we think today) -- and it was her mother Dorothy's ring, so it's very special to her. I'm really hopeful she'll find it, as I know how much it means to her...

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