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Busy Friday...

Say! Today was Friday the 13th. Hahahahahaha. I never did find that to be a 'bad luck' day, personally.

First thing today I started to hunt for the serial number of my stolen bike. I looked everywhere, but I never did find it. (sigh) Oh well. For future reference, I know where to look to find it and record it on other bikes. I wonder WHY nobody bothers to tell that to you when you buy a bike?

After hours of looking around, I finally gave up. Then I contacted the police department to report the theft. Get this: The woman I was talking to took down some basic info and asked if I was home. When I said I was, she told me a policeman would be out 'within the hour' to take my report! I was surprised, but she said because it happened in our garage -- which is inside our house -- it was a burglary and required an official report. Interesting!

Officer Nichols was here in around 45 minutes (or less). (I don't recall exactly, because I was messing with an issue in the kitchen.) I took him inside and over to the garage and made the report. I showed him Dad's bike (hanging inside the garage), which is like mine, without all the custom items I've added through the years. Then I showed him the photos of the bike. He was WONDERFUL. And he encouraged me to be safe, but NOT paranoid. I thought that was cool. He really got me to quit blaming myself for leaving the door open, saying it takes very little time for this to happen, so it probably didn't matter that I'd been away for around 20 minutes...

He advised me to list at CraigsList, which I did -- plus mentioned some bike sites where I could also list. I put up a reward for the bike and ended up at three different sites. It might not come to anything, but you never know!

After that I worked on the eNewsletter for RHSAA (both at the blog and through ConstantContact) and got that done. Marilyn is really GREAT about giving me exactly what I need to do these, by the way. We make a good team.

Oh! And I did find the problem in the kitchen! Marilyn and I had noticed a bad smell, and I needed to track it down and get rid of it. It turned out to be a couple of empty containers from the fridge. I dumped out the contents for garbage and recycling last night and put them in the sink, not realizing how nasty they were! They spread the odor to all the plastic stuff piled in the sink!!! So I rinsed everything (gagging the whole time) and put it all to wash in the dishwasher. Happily everything came out perfectly clean and smelling great! (woo hoo)

I also spent time at June and Jim's messing with setting up their WiFi. Comcast??? I'm a lot less impressed than I used to be! Excuse me, but wait times to get support are AWFUL! Not so for CenturyLink (which I know a lot about from recent experiences). Plus their support people just aren't that helpful! They seem out to push their second level of support, which is paid. What???

I did get the WiFi to work, but the password is RIDICULOUS (a long, long string of letters and numbers that make no sense and can't be remembered) -- and apparently impossible to reset! Seriously??? I tried more than once today, with no success.

Marilyn and I have been considering switching to Comcast for internet, but I'm thinking we probably won't, considering the crap I went through trying to help June...

What else?

Oh! Exciting! I did an IT task I'd never done before today! I needed to go to the festival Server and give Shelley permissions to 'see' the security protected Q drive (where our HR folders and files are). Normally Kris would do this for me. I could not find the steps with googling, because I couldn't reason out the terms to use (and I tried several times). But I went in and poked around and tried several things, and finally FOUND what I needed to use -- and how to use it. I've now not only changed her permissions, but I've written out a set of step-by-step instructions for the future. I'll never need to ask Kris to do that task for me again...

Yes, I was pretty proud of that!

And that was my Friday, pretty much.

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