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The LiveJournal Move -- and 79 out of 100

Quick, quick entry, as I must get back to my NaNoWriMo novel!

LiveJournal has now officially moved from Seattle to the new data center in San Francisco, California. If this means the promised improvements they've been telling us about, I'm happy to hear it. However, if it means they've LOST anything (shudder), end up 'broken' at all (in the long run, not while making adjustments) or things remain messed up for long, I'll feel more than sad -- I'll be disgusted!

And why am I sad about the move? Because as someone who lives in the Pacific Northwest, I was quite PROUD that LiveJournal was spawned here and had remained here all these years. I knew the buyout would signal changes, but this one is major!

If you like to stay on top of things, you might want to go to the following: status and lj_maintenance.

Interestingly enough, news doesn't have a word about it! (Now why would that be? Fear of mass panic? I mean, if they want to get the word OUT THERE, you'd think it would be in news, right? Lots of people aren't members of either status or lj_maintenance!)

One of the recent posts at status read:

At this time, the following known issues may be still affecting the site following our data center move and will likely be corrected later today:

- Voice posting is disabled

- Syndication feeds are not updating

- New payments may be slow to be applied to your account

- Userpics may be slow to appear or you may see incorrect userpics in your account

I knew the user pic issue, as I tried to upload my new Harry Potter icon around 2 a.m. and kept getting one of those non-robot confirmation letter-number boxes where the icon should display! (Very amusing.)

Speaking of icons, the Harry Potter icon (now correctly uploaded, by the way!) brings me to 79 of my 100. (smile)

(In GJ news, they're having some problems with their styles there currently -- ??? -- and my lovely journal is now displaying in Generator (ugh). Actually, I like my style there better than this one! And it's a style not offered here at LJ. I hope it's not permanent!)

Shout out to Becky beckyo in Florida! I hope the storm isn't too bad... (Can't wait until you're in California! And, yes, we will find a way to get together!)

Must. Write. Need to make 30,000 words by Monday!!!
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