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My Bike. Farewell... (sigh)

Remember my BIKE???

It was stolen today.

If you follow the above link, you can read all about it, and how I feel about it -- and see some pictures of it, too.

Gosh, I'm SO GLAD I have those photos. They're all that's left. Except for my WONDERFUL memories, of course. Those will always be with me...

Yeah, it's just a thing. And it was an old, beat up bike, at best. It's probably silly to feel so hurt about the loss.

It was taken right out of our garage. Scary, huh? What nerve to go into our garage and nab it. And who else would want it? It's old and clunky. It's heavy and not at all pretty.

But it does have awesome folding baskets (that you can seem to find anymore) on either side. And brand new tires. And I've added and added to it over the years, a little at a time. I liked the way the handle bars went and how I could sit the way I did. And I had a huge, padded seat. Very comfy. A new bike won't have those things.

Plus Dad and I built that bike together, from a kit. (Dad's been dead since 1998.) I can remember putting it together like it was yesterday...

I didn't shed a tear. But my heart raced and pounded SO HARD when I discovered it gone. The hair on the back of my neck was standing on end and suddenly I saw it was gone -- and my instincts were saying 'go in the house' (even though I did rush out and glance up and down the street and around the corner, even so).

It's just a bike. I wasn't hurt and nobody got inside the actual house (the back door going from the garage inside was locked).

But it's sad.

I hope whomever took it REALLY needed a bike. Maybe for transportation. Or they were desperate for money and wanted to sell it. I hope it goes to a good home to be ridden, and not hacked apart for the metal or the parts. Poor old bike...

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