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Sick -- Plus Work...

First off, the obvious. Today is 9/11 -- and Americans will always want to make mention of it each year. I did put something up at Instagram very early in this morning (think just past midnight), which I also shared at Twitter and later shared at Facebook. It included the image I use as an icon on this day, which I think is very cool (and meaningful).

It's hard to believe how many years have rushed past since then! It feels like it just happened in many ways...

Yes, I'm still sick today -- and I spent the entire morning flat in bed. But I forced myself to get up past noon, as I had a bunch of festival work I really (REALLY!!!) needed to get done.

I had a hard time CONCENTRATING today. It didn't help that I was doing some stuff that really required concentration. What the hell -- it probably TOOK LONGER to do it, but I did finally reason things out and get it done. I worked from around 2:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (when Marilyn got home). Then we dashed out to Starbucks, because she had a FREE item that was going to expire today.

I worked on Auction things today for the website. I needed to make changes/updates to the actual Auction page at the website -- which included setting up a countdown timer. That's a long story, but the one provided by our event website was NOT working, so I went on the hunt for one that would. It turned out just fine, eventually.

I also did a News item about the Auction for the Home and News pages at the website.

Here at home, I took out the garbage in the kitchen, picked up in that room, did TWO loads of dishes and cleaned out the sinks and did four loads of laundry (wash and dry). Not to mention cooking dinner tonight. Not bad when you consider I'm still not feeling all that great...

I'm now off for a much-needed and well-earned NAP. (Marilyn is already asleep on the sofa -- she's worn out.) We haven't broken our habit of staying up all night quite yet, by the way. I have no clue when we finally went to bed last night (!!!), but it's got to be hard for Marilyn to face her early days at work, considering. And she was home late tonight (surprise). She'll be even later tomorrow night, as she has a meeting after work...

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