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Those of you who are included in my 'health' filter can read the full (and very TMI) info about today that I wrote prior to this entry. (If you're not currently a part of that filter but want to be, just comment and let me know -- I'm glad to add you. Be aware the stuff I post there is pretty BORING and almost always TMI!)

Anyway, I was SICK today. And that pretty much sums it up.

I didn't get my work done for the festival (mostly website stuff for the Auction). I just didn't feel well enough to sit up and do it.

I did go out in the morning with sister Sue shopping -- but we had to come home quickly when I started feeling bad...

I was able to read (and finish my book) and sleep a little (when I wasn't too restless to sleep). And that's about it.

Both Sue and Marilyn were WONDERFUL to me, as always...

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