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Rafa Wins! New Keyboard and Cover (iPad and Kindle paperwhite)

Today Rafael (Rafa) Nadal -- the Spanish Bull -- won the U.S. Open! WONDERFUL!!! (We were all worried in the second set and the first part of the third set, but Rafa came through!!!) And, yes, Marilyn, sister Sue and I were all pulling for him!

After that, Marilyn and I (FINALLY!!!) went over to have our pedicures, which we've needed forever. Marilyn got another shade of beautiful pink, and I did a very glittery gold. Fun!

While in that area, we stopped at Best Buy so I could get my iPad keyboard. I got the same one Marilyn has -- the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. I'm excited to use it, that's for sure!

And I needed a cover for my Kindle paperwhite, so I got the official one made by Amazon. It's a leather cover (mine's purple) with auto wake/sleep and 'premium natural leather' (so the packaging reads). I'm not sure it's perfect, but I can always get another one (I had at least two -- maybe more -- for more old Kindle at different times).

Finally, we had to make an 'emergency' stop at Freddies to pick up cat food (Marilyn waited in the car while I ran in). After all, you can NEVER EVER run out of cat food!!!

Facebook 'lectured' me about my Friending practices, yet again. Seriously??? I hadn't even tried to Friend anyone recently! I'm guessing it was some 'Pending' thing, as it gave me an option to dump these. You know, why not make those all available somewhere: A list of people you've tried to Friend who never agreed (with the date you tried to Friend). Clearly if someone hasn't Friended you after a long while, they aren't going to...

Of course, if I've got people who've tried to Friend ME in the past, I've no clue where I'd see that, either!!!

And why be so militant? We can Friend ANYONE WE WANT here at LiveJournal!!! Whether we know them or not. And that's a GREAT way to make new friends!!! Some days I seriously hate FB. I need to use it for many reasons (including work), but I don't think I'm ever going to learn to like it much, considering. (And don't get me started on the 'no pets accounts at Facebook' thing, by the way!)

Well, I'm off for a nap. Vacation is officially over...

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