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Reading, Cooking, Shopping...

I'm currently reading "The Girl Who Played with Fire" (by Stieg Larsson). It's the second book in the Millennium series. So far I'm enjoying it a lot. I loved the first book, of course. I think Larsson is an excellent writer...

I'm reading on my Kindle paperwhite, by the way. I love it!!!

I made homemade Mizithra Spaghetti for dinner tonight -- it turned out great. It's really not all that hard, by the way. I first made it back in 2011 -- and I never did share photos or the recipe, apparently!!!

Marilyn enjoyed it, even though she doesn't deal very well with pasta. She hadn't had any pasta for more than a year until tonight!

Speaking of Marilyn, she finished her running for the week -- another 20 miles on the treadmill! She's now done that for SIX WEEKS straight! Wow. I'm so impressed!!! She did seven miles last night! Incredible...

We tried to go shopping at Walmart (which we need to do), but the traffic was awful heading across the bridge, so we turned around -- we went to Freddies to shop, instead. We picked up some thing we were out of and really needed, which will hold us until we can (finally) get to Freddies.

The other thing I did today? Work on my (poor) feet. My Psoriasis has been really bad recently. It's been showing on my eyelids, which used to happen all the time but hasn't for years. It's very sensitive there -- plus you can't put medicine there, it will absorb into the eye with such thin skin...

Anyway, the bottoms of both my feet have been messed up. I even 'catch' on the downstairs carpet when I walk barefoot there. Anyway, they're better now.

Interestingly, Mom told me years ago that Grandma Elsie always ate white rice and yellow cheese (mostly cheddar) to help with her psoriasis -- and I, too, have found that helps. But I've pretty much given up rice because of my diabetes. And we haven't eaten much cheddar cheese in some time.

Anyway, we had some sliced apple with pieces of cheese tonight. Very good! We'll see if that helps me or not...

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