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Happy Birthday, June!

Happy Birthday, June!

Time to wish birthday greetings to a very friend, June! (smile)

Because Marilyn and I took June and her husband Jim to dinner tonight, I'm able to report that she's been having a really WONDERFUL day! (As she told us all herself...)

Happy Birthday, June !

I'm so pleased we could spend part of your day with you, June. And I want to additionally wish you the very BEST year, ever! (big hug)

Jim got June a cake -- and they wanted us to join them for some. But I'm still way too full after a big dinner that included ice cream for dessert. We had to have ice cream so they could bring out the big red Sombrero (which June had to wear), and have everyone sing to her! (We just did this with Angel last week...)

(Sorry that sister Sue wasn't up to joining us for dinner. We went to The Burrito House for Mexican food, which all of us love... But Sue's hanging in there and following her doctor's orders -- good for her.)
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