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More Vacation -- Reading and More...

We started our day by going to Marilyn's doctor appointment. She got a very good report, I'm happy to say.

I spent a ton of time reading and napping today. I'm getting close to the end of my book ("Paranoia"). I'm fascinated by the ways it differs from the film and the ways it is like the movie...

Sister Sue is having a hard time -- prayers are welcome. She does hang in there, I have to say -- she went to cribbage last night, the opening game of the new season.

More tennis today...

More Zuma, too. (smile)

Wow, we had some hairy weather -- more thunder and lightning and thunder storms with pouring rain... And the humidity!!! Yikes.

Marilyn fixed herself fried green tomatoes again -- and I fixed myself a pan of them, too. Very tasty! Angel's red tomatoes have been lovely.

I need to do some things at Instagram -- I've been a slacker the last few days.

Marilyn's working on the bills right now. I need to get in and do the garbage and recycling, which I've only barely started...

We need to go do some shopping for groceries. Maybe tomorrow (???)...

Tomorrow is June's bday...

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