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Quick Update -- Starbucks with Friends...

Today was another lazy vacation day. Marilyn and I watched tennis (the U.S. Open). We played Zuma on our computers in our office. I read on my Kindle paperwhite.

Anyway, we also went over to see the new rug in June and Jim's front room. They got it recently as an anniversary gift for one another, and it's really lovely. I'd seen it before, but Marilyn hadn't. Jim was gone, but June was home for our visit.

Then we sat and chatted with June for a bit. Finally I suggested we go to Starbucks, and June agreed. We went home to get the car and then came back for June just as Jim was getting home -- and he agreed to join us. So we headed to the Starbucks in St. Johns.

The four of us had a lovely time -- and a really lively talk! We discussed several topics, including the VanPort flood. (See more about Vanport HERE.) June actually had her tonsils out in the Vanport hospital, something she told us for the first time today.

Marilyn would really like to write a novel about Vanport sometime. She knows quite a bit about the history (and a friend of ours made a film about it, by the way). But she's always anxious to learn more.

June's birthday is coming up soon, so we're thinking we'll go out to dinner together for that...

Sister Sue went to the doctor today -- the news wasn't good, but she hangs in there. I'm very proud of her strength and her positive attitude! Go, Sue! No matter how bad things are or hard hard things get, she faces each with a smile. She's one tough woman! I can't believe she had to be at her appointment for more than two hours. How does that suck??? Anyway, she's been watching the tennis, too -- and is very engaged, as always!

This evening Marilyn made herself fried green tomatoes, and after I made myself a pan full, too.

Since then we've both been watching TV. And she's been playing at Instagram, while I read my Kindle paperwhite again. I'm currently reading "Paranoia'" by Joseph Finder. We saw the film, and I often like to read books that movies are based on. I'm around half way through and really enjoying it...

Anyway, that's today!

Tomorrow morning Marilyn goes to her doctor, so we need to be up at a decent hour (and NOT stay up all night the way we've been doing!!!).

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