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Fried Tomatoes and Zucchini for (LATE) Dinner...

First off, Happy Labor Day to all my American friends! This day is designed to pay national tribute each year to the contributions of our workers. Though people argue how the holiday began, I think we have UNIONS to thank. Anyway, the first ever Labor Day was celebrated on September 5, 1882 (a Tuesday), in New York City. This national holiday is a day off for most people -- and I think it's good to reflect on our labors of the rest of the year...

So, what did we do today? You know, that's a very good question! What we didn't do was leave the house, even for Starbucks. We talked about it, but didn't quite make it...

Nor did we go for pedicures. Or to run ANY errands, including getting our license plates put on the new car... Oh well. Everything will keep!

We did play some Zuma (which we still adore, all these years later). We did fool around with Instagram a little bit (not that much, but some). I did read my Kindle paperwhite, too. I can't believe I haven't even been listing what I'm reading. How lazy of me! I finished a couple of books and just started a brand new one, that I'm really enjoying...

Sister Sue is home from cribbage, by the way. She had a good time and apparently did okay, too. But she had a hard time breathing (her condition) and is really working now to get more water weight off, which is her constant battle, poor thing.

All three of us (Marilyn, Sue and me) did watch a bunch of tennis today, too -- when it wasn't RAINED OUT, that is! I feel for the players dealing with the terrible humidity there at the Open -- interestingly enough, we've been having a lot of humidity here in Portland, too, which is really not common for us!

I finally cooked a batch of fried green tomatoes and zucchini -- plus a few fried red tomatoes, for variety (which are also quite tasty, too!). We'd bought red to have for cooking, but when Angel came over to go out for his birthday dinner (last Saturday, August 31) he brought us some red tomatoes from his home garden -- and I ended up using some of those. Very tasty! I wanted Marilyn to get a big batch this time around, because the last time I didn't cook all that many. Hopefully I managed to fill her up better tonight. (grin)

Marilyn and I just brushed out poor Henry, who had a really bad mat on his back. He had rope-a-doped (smile) all the way from downstairs to the upstairs hall (just outside my bathroom) -- probably because the two of us were here in the office (which is just past the bathroom). So he needed to be petted and praised -- and it was a perfect time to really comb him out. His fur tends to mat, so we need to remember to comb and/or brush him regularly to avoid issues. He's a VERY CLEAN cat -- always grooming! His white fur is just perfect, I have to tell you...

Well, I'm off to play more Zuma now. I actually have WORK I need to do (for the office), but somehow I don't seem to be able to motivate myself to do it. Hahahahaha. Maybe tomorrow. And I need to color my hair (!!!), too.

You know, I'm not going to feel bad about 'goofing off' today -- because Labor Day is a day designed for workers to do exactly that. (grin)

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