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More Internet Issues? Um... Yeah...

Slept late -- and I do mean late. (smile) But we were up late as is often true during vacation, so I really don't care...

We'd talked about getting morning pedicures, but that didn't happen. Oh well. Whenever is fine...

So the day didn't go as planned from the get-go. We were also supposed to run a few errands that just didn't get done. Who cares? The world won't end. (grin)

No, I didn't color my hair (which really needs it). What the heck.

We watched some US Open tennis (we do a lot of that during these two weeks each year). We went out and got a few groceries we needed (just a very few) at Safeway. And stopped at Radio Shack to get a new phone cord for the internet.

Then we drove over and got some tacos and bean dip from The Burrito House (!!!), if you can believe that. (smile) Just quick takeout for eating while watching more tennis at home...

We enjoyed our food, I have to say -- which included some Chinese we picked up at the Safeway deli (we have some items we're pretty crazy about that we keep getting lately). We were supposed to have green tomatoes today, but it didn't happen (yet again)...

Playing around at Instagram. We both do a lot of that. I've now posted 202 photos there and have 255 Followers (which isn't that many more than the last time I updated concerning my account).

So, what was the ISSUE with our internet connection for today??? We got that new cord and all that needed to be done was to plug it in. Mind you, easier said than done! You plug it into the wall behind a heavy piece of furniture that's not easy to move and is close to our file cabinets (I was literally stuck between both yesterday). And then the phone cord with the internet is supposed to run the entire length of the room to the opposite side of Marilyn's computer station. It's the window/wall, printer stand (storage unit), my computer station, Marilyn's computer station and a corner file cabinet (NOT the bank of file cabinets -- that's on the wall with the window).

Would you believe the damn cord was TOO SHORT??? Of course it was!

So now I have to move it. I put it where the router used to go (rather than where the previous modem was located). It works, barely. (sigh)

So no more issues, right? Wrong. Suddenly email isn't working (our old QWEST email, that is). So I spent another hour on the phone about that. I'm telling you, I'm really sick of talking to CenturyLink people. Yes, they've been nice and helpful -- but it's been seven of them in the past three days, plus hours and hours on the phone!!! Anyway, we got it figured out eventually. (You might be surprised how often I'm the one who reasons things out... grin...)

Well, that's it for today...

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