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At the Office Tonight...

Marilyn and I are down at the festival office tonight -- we had some things we needed to do here. As usual, it's taking longer than we anticipated... (surprise)

I've been messing with Tanya's monitors, trying to figure out the issue that Christine informed me about. She opened up the tower to blow it out (these computers get a lot of dust and dirt inside, which can cause problems) -- and after she closed it up one of the dual monitors was no longer working. It's NOT a monitor issue -- the monitor in question is brand new and working fine. It may well be that the video card has gone out -- but it also might be a case of a lose video card (from opening things up and blowing canned air inside, jarring it). I'll need to get Donn in to look at it, because even after I opened it up, I really couldn't tell a thing... (And man, do I HATE to ever open these up, just so you know! That's NOT my area of expertise -- nor in my comfort zone. In the future, Christine and I won't be doing this -- we'll be having Donn do it. If he jars a part, he can also FIX it, so...)

It was weird to go in there and find the Finance Office door open and unlocked. That hasn't been our policy in the past... Not sure if the policy has changed, or somebody goofed... (I've never really thought we needed to have it locked up, but whatever.)

Marilyn and I went over to sister Sue's house today, so I could (again) try to fix Candy's computer. Her monitor had gone out, so I used Nicole's to show that the computer is actually working. (Which means right now that Nicole has no monitor. I have an old one here at home, so I plan to replace it one of these days -- hopefully soon.)

The ISSUE that both Candy and Sue are having has NOTHING to do with their computers -- which is exactly what I told Sue the last time I was over there. It appears to be an internet connection issue, to me. Last time Sue told me two things: She had downgraded their internet service at one point (to save $$$), and they had a new Comcast modem on order. I can't tell if this is a modem issue, router issue (they're networked -- three desktops) or just that they don't have enough of a service plan for their usage. Or some combination of the three. But it absolutely does NOT appear to be about their two computers, which is the good news!

It was nice of Marilyn to drive me over there and hang out for the hours it took. She went outside to where Nicole and her boyfriend Ulises were on the trampoline fooling around -- and the kids let Marilyn get on and jump. She thought it was fun and good exercise and she'd love to go back and do it again.

Then we three (Sue, Marilyn and I) headed over to Starbucks. While we were there, I set Sue up with an Instagram account. You can actually use one without having a device (like a smart phone or tablet), by the way -- there's a web-based version. But I told her I'd be glad to upload images for her, and she was all for it! Marilyn thought it was a good idea, too. Like I've said many times, Instagram is a ton of fun. If you're into photos at all (and most of us are), then this is the BEST form of Social Media for sharing them, bar none.

Marilyn and I got some tacos on our way home, which we had for dinner. Delicious!

I'm now reading THREE BOOKS (!!!) at the same time. Don't ask. I just can't help myself! I wish I was reading one right now...

Marilyn still needs to do the treadmill when we get home. And I need to do the garbage and recycling.

We're meeting cousin Linda in St. Johns tomorrow morning. She's asked us for money (again). She can't seem to understand how tight our budget is with the second house, no matter how many times we explain it to her. (sigh) We'll give her something (we always do), but it probably won't be much. I feel bad for her, but as she only ever works a part time job (and doesn't want to work full time), my sympathy isn't as strong as it could be, in all honesty. I'm sorry things are better for her, but there's only so much we can do to help...

We're going to have dinner with our friend Angel on Saturday to celebrate (belatedly) his birthday! Can't wait! He's such a dear guy -- and a wonderful friend. I don't know what Marilyn and I would do without Angel in our lives. He's a HUGE support.

I need to color my hair. (sigh)

I also need to do some website work for the festival (still). I'm not motivated (that 'it's vacation' thing) -- but I need to force myself. (heavy sigh)

Sister Sue is off to a cribbage tournament this weekend (leaving tomorrow).

And that's my life for this Thursday! (grin)

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