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Tennis, Anyone? And Worries About "Revenge"...

Marilyn and I have been watching tennis on TV (the US Open, obviously)...

I LOVED seeing Venus Williams' left hand!!! She has her nails done JUST SO (really cool!!!) and wears a HUGE ring, plus body jewels on her wrist. And all of this goes GREAT with her hair! Stylin' while playin' works for me, Venus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (grin)

I spent a ton of time READING today. I'm just enjoying sitting around or lying around with my Kindle paperwhite reading and reading and reading. I can't even say how much I'm enjoying it!!!

I did take a shower and washed my hair. Exciting day, huh???

Finally, Marilyn played the trailer for the new season of "Revenge" -- and it's disturbing, to say the least!!! Emily gets shot (twice in the stomach) and we see Conrad fall to the ground (could he be DEAD???). Plus no sign of Aiden (did he die at the end of last season???). I'd like to see NO DEATHS, personally!!! I hope they're just playing with us...

Well, the end of September will be here before we know it. Then we'll finally know.

Tags: 2013, aiden-mathis, august-2013, conrad-grayson, emily-thorne, hair, kindle-paperwhite, marilyn, reading, revenge, tennis, tv, us-open

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