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Summer! -- Vacation! -- U.S. Open Tennis!

Today is the first day of the U.S. Open (tennis) for 2013. (woo hoo)

We had to get up at a decent time this morning, as Marilyn needed to go in to do labs at her clinic. After that we got something to eat (she'd been fasting since 8:00 p.m. the night before) and coffee before heading back home.

Her spider bites (!!!) seem better, by the way -- thank God! They had me worried. All that damn spider poison in her body really had her feeling weird, I'm telling you...

We both spent a lot of today SLEEPING (!!!), if you can believe that. I kept reading my Kindle and dozing off. Or messing with my iPad then dozing off. (grin)

I've been enjoying the READING, I can tell you that. And I love my new Kindle paperwhite!!!

Marilyn had a meeting with Arthur today, too. Cool thing? His mother passed not that long ago -- and she used to ask all the time about Marilyn. In the past Arthur gave Marilyn a necklace from his mother. And today he gave her another necklace: A gold tennis racket on a gold chain, with a diamond for the tennis ball. Apparently his mother was really into tennis, too -- just like Marilyn! What a thoughtful thing for him to do...

Summer here is having a rainy spell -- but we can't really complain, because there's been so little rain this season to date. We would be officially on vacation now -- except that Mondays are days off this time of year. So we don't officially start vacation until tomorrow. (smile) Then it's two full weeks. (Marilyn always takes the U.S. Open off every year...)

One of our traditions is to have a mess of fried green tomatoes on the first night of the Open -- and we did do that tonight. This is the first time we've cooked them since going to pick them almost one week ago (!!!), so it's about time! I thought they were really good -- especially considering we had no milk to use preparing them. Yeah, we had zucchini, too...

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