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Back Home to Portland...

No, the people staying at our Beach House in Seaside (Oregon) did NOT leave really early today. We'd heard talk of 6:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. and so on -- but they didn't leave until around 9:30. And we were on the road ourselves by around 10:00. Jeff phoned us about going to breakfast at around ten past, but I had to tell him everyone was already on the road. (Nobody wanted to bother him this morning, figuring he had his hands full with his wife and kids...)

I think everyone who stayed over was comfortable (or at least okay) -- they were very nice about the house and very kind thanking Marilyn and me for having them.

It's good to be back home (it was too hot in the beach house). But somewhere along the line (last night? today?) Marilyn got spider bites all across her back! She's got one really large one (probably the first bite), then several smaller ones. We put medicine on them and they seem better, thankfully -- but a couple look infected, so I need to watch them. And they itch like mad and have her feeling crummy (spider poison can be a real pain). Poor Marilyn!

We've just seen a lot of spiders lately (like my own recent encounters!). There were several at the beach, too. The idea of one crawling on her while she was sleeping is pretty creepy...

Poor sister Sue and Nicole! They actually stayed over both nights we were gone to be with the cats. But Colin spent a bunch of time HIDING from them -- and even though they both searched and searched, they couldn't find him anywhere. When we talked to Sue she was so upset! We tried to reassure her -- Colin will, after all, even hide from US. But she was pretty shook up.

We really weren't worried. When we got home both cats were by the back door (the one that goes into the garage, that is), waiting for us. So no worries trying to 'find' Colin when we got back.

I spent a bunch of time reading my Kindle and napping when we got home. This evening I'd planned to cook green tomatoes for Marilyn, but I didn't get up in time (!!!). She had to stop eating by 8:00, as she's doing fasting labs in the morning. (I need to fix those for her soon, though!)

I had an email from June that she had computer trouble. She really had me worried! She'd mentioned losing her task bar (!!!), which is serious stuff. So I went over there just before 9:00 to check it out. Happily it was fine and she's in good shape. She didn't need me at all...

I got home in time to see most of the MTV Video Music Awards (except for Gaga's opening act). The best moment was Justin Timberlake's performance and seeing him with NSYNC again.

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