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Hood to Coast Relay -- Congrats to the Runners!

Today was all about our festival Hood to Coast Relay TEAM. Van 1 came directly here to our house so everyone could shower and grab water -- and it was great to be able to actually help out.

I got to see one of the new directors who has only been on the board for a year -- and meet her fiance Keith, whom I loved. It was fun chatting with everyone.

The Team headed directly down to the beach, where the Finish Line was located. Shortly after, Marilyn and I drove to Safeway and parked, then walked in to join up with everyone. The full Team is divided between two vans of people who swap off all along the way. (Those interested can read more about the Hood to Coast Relay.)

Amusing note: Marilyn and I actually got to pass under the Finish Line banner with the Team. There we all were, running in the sand as they announced our Team on the speakers! Talk about getting to see the event up close!

We've got a house full of people and need to settle everyone down, so I'm going to make this entry short. More tomorrow...

Tags: 2013, august-2013, beach-house, festival, hood-to-coast, marilyn

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