CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

The Hood to Coast Relay -- Support Team in Place! Hahahahaha.

It's close to 11:00 p.m. now. We got here to our beach house (in Seaside) by about twenty after 9:00 (Marilyn was able to see more than half of "America's Next Top Model").

The Hood to Coast Relay 'Support Team' is in place. Hahahahahahaha. Right. Well, I guess when it comes time to SHOWER when folks reach Seaside, they will be glad we're here making the house available for them. Support is a relative term, after all. (grin)

I brought a bunch of stuff down here that I'd packed up since our last visit, so I spent time unpacking and putting that stuff away. And I put the outdoor chairs back in the garage (we'd left them in the dining room when down last time) -- they aren't really made to stay outside in rain and so on...

I also unpacked the food we brought and put it away. We didn't bring a ton, but a few things...

We brought some towels, and have some here -- hopefully we'll have enough towels for everyone showering tomorrow! Not sure how many people that will be...

It's WEIRD (!!!) not having the cats here. I think I'll call Sue soon and check in with her. I'm sure the boys are fine, of course. It's sure nice of sister Sue and Nicole (her granddaughter) to take care of them for us!

Yesterday I had to kill TWO large spiders (!!!) in my bedroom. (yikes) Today when I got out of the shower I had a LARGE BLACK SPIDER crawling on first my shoulder, then my neck! (At first I thought it was the towel or my wet hair, but I knocked it to the floor -- and it was scary big!) Now there's a big spider upstairs in the corner (out of reach) in my office area here at the beach house.

I'm really SICK of spiders right now!

Well, we might still go to the store and pick up a couple things. I don't know. I need to 'make a list' (as always).

Tags: 2013, americas-next-top-modell, august-2013, beach-house, cat-sitting, cats, colin-and-henry, hood-to-coast, marilyn, nicole, seaside-oregon, sister-sue, spider, tv

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