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Cleaning House -- Garbage and Recycling -- HOT Day...

It was so HOT today (!!!) -- and muggy as can be. I should have lost a couple of pounds with all the sweating I did, I'm not kidding! (yikes)

I needed to get a GOOD START on cleaning my bedroom, which has needed work for months now. It's always the last room I seem to clean, I guess. It was mostly a case of clothes piled everywhere (but no, not on the floor!). And stuff stacked around that just needed to be put away -- or better yet, gotten rid of!

Sister Sue and Nicole helped me take several boxes of stuff to the Goodwill -- and I hope someone else can get use of the things I dumped... Plus when I put out the garbage and recycling today (it's 'real' garbage week), I really had a FULL garbage can, let me tell you! Plus a LOT of stuff in the recycling, as well...

No photos to share just now, but I'll try and get some up here soon. It's not totally done, but it's quite an improvement, I think. It was funny, by the way! The cats shed so much this time of year, so I was dealing with fur all over the place. But I also had to clean up handfuls of my own long hair, so I guess I was 'shedding,' too. (grin) Anyway, it was good to get all that up off the floor...

Anyway, I worked in my bedroom almost all day, starting at 9:00 a.m. I also did some laundry and a few other chores -- including the garbage and recycling. It was a very busy day. I'm really TIRED tonight...

Still dealing with allergies that are driving me NUTS, by the way. Oh well. All I can do is live with it...

Marilyn had a long, hard day, too. And she still needs to do the treadmill (!!!) tonight -- with her goal of 20 miles for the week strongly in mind! She did SIX MILES (!!!) last night, which I think is wonderful! It's been a long time since she did six miles, so she should be very proud.

Talked to Angel today. I need to figure something out for him about the Remote situation. Since his computer died on him, he can no longer Remote to the office. I feel his pain, considering both he and I do a lot of our work away from the actual Rose Building office...

Just watched the end of "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" -- a film where Marilyn and I literally know EVERY SINGLE WORD of the movie. Really a great flick. And then watched "Tootsie," which we also know really well. What is it about films with men in drag? And why do we always like those male characters BETTER AS WOMEN than we do as men??? I'm thinking of a couple of other films -- bet you guys can come up with both of them easily enough. (grin)

Well, I need a nap. We've got to get up at a decent hour tomorrow and do some cleaning downstairs (and I need to do more in my bedroom). Marilyn also has to do the treadmill again before we depart... (poor thing!).

Then we'll need to pack up and take off for the beach house. We plan to stop on the way and buy some TOWELS to take along. I did a bunch of them, but we just don't think we'll have enough for everyone who will need to shower!!!

I did get to show Nicole how to care for the cats (hopefully it all made sense to her!). Sister Sue didn't go down, but I'm sure she remembers all about it from previous times.

The cats are picky about the food only when it comes to getting it FRESH (they won't eat it when it's really dried out) and getting the food both early and late in the day. They often eat in the middle of the night (!!!), then want to eat again very early (!!!) in the day.

Because of his health issues, this is especially the case for Henry. When he's hungry, it's like he's starving!

Then they're also picky about their water. Colin drops food in his (sigh), so I'm constantly washing out his bowl because of that. And Henry wants very FRESH water all the time -- and he drinks a ton (again, because of his illness). So I have sponges to scrub the dishes with and BOTTLED (only) water for them to drink.

Yes, I suppose the bottled water sounds like spoiling them, but Henry can get seriously ill very easily, so it seems to make sense to try and avoid that. We don't drink tap water, so why should they???

I'm rambling. Off for that (much needed) nap!!!

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