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Work at the Office Today (Wednesday)

Marilyn was still feeling pretty lousy this morning, so she slept in -- knowing she'd still need to go in to the office by around noon.

We both showered and washed our hair before going in, and I put sheets to wash and then dry -- plus started to wash some towels. We'll need to take extra towels along this weekend for the people who will be there needing to shower after running.

I don't think I've actually explained it here. This weekend is the Hood to Coast Relay -- and the festival has a TEAM taking part! The event always ends in Seaside, so it's perfect to let people come to our house to rest, shower and sleep over (if they wish). At the current time we only have four people planning to STAY at our house: Ashley and her husband Levi, Mark (former president) and Stephen (who is driving one of the vans). But others will probably drop by (just not sleep over). Ashley and Levi will sleep in my bedroom (I have a queen -- which is what they have at home). I think we'll have Stephen sleep in Sue's bedroom and Mark sleep in the pullout (we have an ottoman that makes into a single bed). Marilyn and I will be sharing her bedroom (she has a king, so there's loads of room).

If others wanted to sleep over, there's still the sofa -- and I honestly think two people could sleep on it (it's L-shaped). Or I understand some people have sleeping bags, so they could use the floor (maybe). If Stephen was willing to double-up, two people could sleep in Sue's room, where there's a queen. Anyway, I guess we'll see how it goes!

We're leaving the cats at home (in Portland) this time around. I don't think either one of them would deal well with that many strangers around -- and Marilyn and I don't want to have to worry about them. We need to get there on Friday and do some cleaning, as we haven't been there since the first part of July! We'll haul extra towels, as I said. I don't know that we need to worry about food, really. Jeff talked about a bunch of us maybe going to breakfast on Sunday morning -- but I imagine we'll play the whole thing by ear. There's a RECEPTION of some kind being held on the beach. Jeff told me he hoped to see us there on Saturday (Marilyn and I are apparently on the guest list, even though we're NOT on the Relay Team). We can always go out to eat with people if they want -- or just dash to the store which is nearby for food if we need it...

Sister Sue and her granddaughter Nicole are going to take care of the cats (Colin and Henry) for us!!! Isn't that nice of them??? They're planning to stay over at least one night (maybe both???) -- I don't know if we're talking about Friday or Saturday night. They can sleep in the living room. But I might even get my bedroom picked up enough so one of them could sleep there.

We've got cable TV in the living room, so they can watch that. And I'm wondering about setting up a laptop for them to goof around with (if I have time). And they could play games or read or whatever.

As for today, I messed around with some IT stuff, while Marilyn dealt with Nominating (today was the deadline for nominations). Rich and I went for a salad for me and Starbucks and got to chat. He got his house painted this past weekend, but his back was really bothering him, poor guy.

Have I mentioned that getting a Green Tea Frappuccino is a terrific way to be sure they BLEND the drink decently? It was funny, though! I got it and Rich said it looked like a milkshake. So I had him taste it. He said, "It tastes like a milkshake. A GRASS milkshake! Ugh." Hahahahahaha. I love Rich.

We were home by just past 7:00, thankfully. And we stopped at Safeway and went to the deli where we picked up olives and some Chinese for dinner. Yummy!

I'm up to 249 (!!!) Followers at Instagram (woo hoo) -- Marilyn had said I'd be up to 250 by the end of the week, and that's looking pretty good right now. And I've posted 185 times, to date. I've got the festival account up to 174 Followers, too, which is cool! The festival account has posted 67 times. I really need to get on posting more there...

Still LOVING Instagram a TON!!! What a wonderful Social Media site! A lot of my Facebook friends are there -- hopefully more will be in the future. Marilyn and I both are really hooked -- and making new friends there, too. Nice.

By the way, I can't believe I didn't mention that yesterday (August 20) was our friend Mitch's birthday. It's so hard to believe he's been dead more than a year now... (I did mention it at both Instagram and Facebook... And in a couple of emails. What can I say?) We still miss Mitch something terrible...

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