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Marilyn Home Sick Today...

ETA: Today would have been Mitch's 57th birthday. (Mitch: 1955-2012)

Marilyn didn't feel well last night... And she felt lousy this morning. So she didn't go to work.

I had my dental appointment today at 12:30. Marilyn had planned to take me to it from work (we were both going to be there), but because she was sick I tried to reach sister Sue to take me. But I wasn't able to, so Marilyn had to get up and drive me there. (Actually, I tried to reach Sue several times during the day and couldn't. At 7:00 p.m. I finally phoned Candy so I could check on her. She was fine, by the way...)

(I actually tried to postpone, but that didn't happen -- long story, but it deals with one of Mary's employees... A real pain.)

Anyway, Marilyn sat in the car while I went to my appointment. At 12:50 I was still in the chair and still hadn't seen Mary, by the way. (sigh) I guess the assistant set up an 'emergency' appointment (???), rather than a normal one. Very annoying.

Mary finally looked at the tooth missing the filling. It needs to be PULLED, I'm afraid. Because I have no pain, there's no rush. She put some kind of patch on it that's full of medicine (it reeks of the smell -- and taste -- of cloves constantly). That should keep it from getting infected in case that might happen) -- this will keep stuff from catching in the opening where the cavity was and avoid possible infection. I can wait to be pulled, anyway...

There's nothing much to tell about the day, except that we did get a couple of movies On Demand (as we often do when one or both of us are sick). We watched "Olympus Has Fallen" and "Dark Skies." We enjoyed both. Gerard Butler (as Mike Banning) was very entertaining in the first film (and we loved both Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman). The second film was creepy and spooky without being so horrible you can't stand viewing -- so that was good by both of us. (We don't care for really over-the-top horror.)

Each weekday we're still DVR-ing "Family Affair" episodes that we play back in the evening. Today Uncle Bill needed to go out of town, but had a broken bridge and needed his dentist to fix it (but couldn't seem to locate him). French needed to go buy Bill a new suitcase, so Cissy had to sit for the twins. Cissy's boyfriend got tickets to a concert, so Cissy left the twins with her friend, expecting French back really soon. The friend gets sick and her Mom fills in. But the doctor doesn't arrive to help the sick friend, so the mother gets her husband to sit for the twins! Next thing you know, the husband and his poker buddies are all sitting for the twins. Happily when Uncle Bill gets home to a house full of people, his dentist is one of them! So all ends well... We just love how this show manages not to be too over-the-top -- and it deals with real life situations (like broken bridges and ripped suitcases and a teenager who wants to go to a concert). Of course, it's interesting to recall the doctors used to make 'house calls' (!!!) back then. And Bill's dentist rushes Bill right to his office to fix the broken bridge, in spite of his poker game. Both things happened in those days. Now we're lucky to have a doctor (no, there's nothing wrong with having a nurse practitioner -- thankfully!) and a dentist who sees us on time for an appointment at her office, much less rushing to take you at any time of the night or day!

Corn on the cob for dinner (so easy to fix). That's about all we ate today, frankly...

Almost forgot to mention: Sister Sue has us watching "The Chase" -- which features the awesome Mark Labbett ("The Beast") as the Chaser. Cool game show! It was on tonight.

Well, that's my Tuesday...

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