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A Quiet Saturday...

Today was pretty quiet. We watched tennis and played with Instagram and slept -- and Marilyn did the treadmill, of course! She been amazing -- another 20 miles for her third week in a row! Wow.

I fixed corn on the cob (I have a new way I do this that's pretty fool-proof) and scrambled eggs to eat...

I don't I mentioned that Marilyn and I got a trial membership at yesterday. Here's the story...

Not sure HOW I got started on all of this. But at Instagram they have what they call Throwback Thursday (#throwbackthursday) -- I think the meaning is obvious, so I won't bother to explain. Anyway, I'd hunted and found a photo of my Grandpa Ed and Grandma May in our family photos -- and I scanned it so I could share it at Instagram. The photo is quite old. I don't know the exact date of when it was taken, but it was from before they were married, because Grandma's maiden name is written in pencil on the back (!!!). It's one of those photos that's a postcard -- they were popular back then, I guess.

This starts me on the whole quest to find out when the two got married, because Marilyn and I never knew this, ever. Grandma died the year I was born (in fact, the month I was born), so nobody ever discussed their anniversary with us. Grandpa took her loss very, very hard. Obviously if my parents were still alive they would know the info. I phoned sister Sue on Friday, but she couldn't remember. So I started searching and searching. I have the 'funeral books' for a lot of relatives, by the way -- including Grandpa. (I've no clue what happened to Grandma's -- maybe they never had one.) So I knew Grandpa's date of birth and date of death (including the years). And obviously I knew when Grandma had died -- but not her date of birth. And nowhere could I find marriage information! So the hunt was on...

Marilyn said a friend had been successfully using, so I decided to try it. And I actually found their marriage certificate there! Now I know that they were married on August 25, 1919. This year we'll make note of it, believe me! (And it's only days away!)

The frustrating thing? When we were kids, Mom and Dad spent AGES creating a Family Tree -- and doing just a ton of research to make it very complete. It went back for decades! We've known all our lives that we were related to Sacagawea (the Shoshone woman who accompanied the Lewis and Clark Expedition), Etienne Lucier (the French Canadian who supposedly had the first cabin in what would end up as downtown Portland) and Virgil Earp (through marriage, they always said). Virgil is buried here and at one time lived in North Portland (where Marilyn and I have lived all our lives). When the family made the 'rounds' of the various cemeteries, we used to always visit Virgil's grave...

Anyway, at one point Sue's son Larry and his wife Tammy and daughter Savanna were living with Mom and Dad (very briefly). Savanna was allowed to take the Family Tree to school -- and that was the last time anybody remembers seeing it... I don't blame Savanna -- she was just a child. Nor do I blame Larry or Tammy (who wouldn't have been aware of how valuable it was -- nor the time that went into creating it). Mom and Dad made a bad choice, considering there was only the one copy (!!!). They should have been far more protective of that document!

They both knew so much about all our relatives that Sue, Marilyn and I just don't know! And there were still many, many relatives alive at the point when they created the Family Tree. Short of paying someone (which I imagine is pretty expensive, by the way!), I don't see how we can ever replace it. And without all those now-deceased sources, I'm not sure that even professional could ever recreate it...

What a shame.

I certainly value whatever information we still have around here about our family! I wish it was all better organized, though. I have Dad's letters during World War II to Mom in one place. Maybe not all of them, but many of them. Interestingly enough, I took charge of those at a young age. I discovered them one day when going through boxes in a storage area of our house -- and they weren't being protected at all. So I carefully gathered them and moved them to safe place. I remember NOT telling Mom and Dad, because I didn't want them to take the letters away from me. And I also recall reading these. And I used to ask the folks questions based on what I'd read in the letters! Like: "What was the first gift you ever gave Mom?" Stuff like that. They never seemed to know the answers, which I found strange at that age (but understand better now!)...

Well, I've rambled! I didn't mean to.

Tomorrow (Sunday, August 18) is Christopher Ewing's birthday. Yes, I happen to like it when fictional characters HAVE an actual, recorded birthday! I think they all should. (grin) Not too interesting for those of you who aren't "Dallas" fans, I guess, but it pleases the heck out of me!

Marilyn and I went to see the movie "Paranoia" this evening, with Liam Hemsworth (hot thing) as Adam Cassidy -- and actors Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford. A pleasant surprise was Julian McMahon as Miles Meechum. Marilyn and I have loved Julian for years... The movie wasn't that great, but managed to be entertaining, anyway...

And that's it for Saturday! Bedtime soon!

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