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Today is Wayne's Birthday... (Wayne McCormick)

Sister Sue phoned Marilyn and me at work today, feeling blue. Today is Wayne's birthday. (You can read about Wayne in THESE entries here at my blog. I just discovered that I have the tag 'wayne' for two different Waynes in our life -- sister Sue's dear friend and our festival friend Wayne -- he died some time back, so it's really NOT confusing to tell them apart...)

Wayne died on June 18 of this year. He would have been 66 years old today...

Sue misses Wayne terribly -- they were so close. Of course, Marilyn and I miss him, too. Our friend Mitch's birthday is coming up soon (August 20). We all find it interesting that Wayne and Mitch had birthdays so close together...

It was an interesting day at the festival office. Many people were gone, so it was only: Christine, Stephanie, Danielle, Steven, Marilyn and me there today.

Marilyn and I were both tired. Frankly, nobody seemed that motivated today. (smile) We started the day by going to Starbucks -- and everybody went along (even though Danielle and Stephanie already had their coffee). I even had Christine put the phones on recorder and come along!

Don't get me wrong: We ALL got work done, even so!

For lunch Marilyn and I walked over to Subway and got salads.

The weather here has been HOT and very humid for Portland.

This all sounds really random, doesn't it? (grin)

Marilyn got the Board Update out today -- she did a good job.

Today was Jeff's birthday, so I put up photos at Instagram -- and we shared them at Facebook, too.

Marilyn closed the office early today. I thought that was really nice! We were home in time for the tennis at 4:00 p.m., even though we stopped at Safeway to shop quickly on the way home. The tennis was Rafa against Roger (Rafa won).

Marilyn has been running 20 miles a week on the treadmill recently. This week she's up to 15 miles (five more to go!). She's amazing!

And that was my Friday (pretty much)...

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