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Tired Today. Not Entirely Sure Why...

I'm tired today. And I'm not entirely sure why. I didn't do anything really physical yesterday or today. But I did spend a lot of time working on computers both yesterday and today -- and perhaps this is mentally tired, as opposed to physically tired...

Important Note: Yesterday was Donn's 70th birthday! I was pleased that he still felt like being at work, even so...

We had an interesting time. First it looked like a lot of things weren't going to be compatible with Win8 (which is what we've got on Marilyn's new computer). But in the afternoon Donn had a breakthrough, and that turned around. With any luck (fingers crossed), we will be able to use Win8 with no problems. Hope so!

Marilyn is continuing to rack up the miles on the treadmill. She's been running 20 miles a week the past couple of weeks -- and plans to do the same this week, as well. Go, Marilyn!

I went to sister Sue's house today to work on her computer and Candy's. That was okay, but the answer isn't about the computers -- they need a better internet connection. Not sure if we're talking a new Comcast modem, a new network modem or increased speed for the actual service, though.

I got Java updated pretty easily, without all of the past drama. Java??? It's a piece of work, as far as I'm concerned.

The office was having MAJOR phone issues today. I crack them up very much to Broadvox. I tend to think if we weren't using them most of our phone issues would disappear... I'm so sick of the phone problems, and I really need to be focusing on them!

I did finally send an email to friend Shari. I've been VERY BAD about personal emails and personal phone calls the past two months. Plus I still need to write festival 'thank you' notes to a bunch of people... (sigh) I'm having a hard time with motivation for all of this. I just want to do NOTHING AT ALL when not working -- and I'm really not kidding.

Of course, as I said to Marilyn today, I'd rather clean house (which is far from 'nothing') than make some phone calls that need making -- setting appointments and taking care of household matters (like our electrical issues).

All of this is no reflection on my friends, believe me -- but rather a reflection on my level of fatigue, I think. People seem understanding, anyway, which is good.

This is so random. My mind can't seem to concentrate...

I saw my friend and neighbor June for around 45 minutes today -- and we chatted again about our Kindle paperwhite devices. I think it's great FUN that we both have them and can share playing with them. (smile) We've even got some of the same books downloaded to read. (grin)

Oh! I did talk briefly to my niece Candy -- and that was fun, too... (I'm pleased to see them using the canister set Marilyn and I gave them. They seem to be enjoying it!) And Nicole is back from California, so I saw both her and her cousin Madyson today.

I can't think what else to say. I'm so tired I just want to grab my Kindle and lie down for a nap. I need to finish the garbage and recycling when I wake up -- and should probably wash my hair tonight. I have work at the office tomorrow.

And that's my Thursday!

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