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Going to see the Perseids Last Night (early Morning)...

As I mentioned yesterday, Marilyn and I drove up the Columbia River Gorge (on the Oregon side) last night -- then crossed the Sam Hill Memorial Bridge over to Washington state, and went to Stonehenge (which is officially part of the Maryhill estates -- and was built by Sam Hill). There we watched the 2013 Perseids Meteor Showers, as we've done many times before...

We used to just go over to Sauvie Island and watch the Perseids there, years back. But we've been going up the Gorge now for more than a decade, I guess. We went there at least twice (maybe more?) with our friend, Mitch, and we had another friend along one year, too. But generally it's just Marilyn and me, driving up late at night and then driving back home again...

I have posted photos from going there in the past, but I've yet to download the few I took last night (sorry!). If you want to see my other posts, click on either the stonehenge tag or the perseids-meteor-shower tag -- both will take you to previous mentions (which sometimes included photos)...

We didn't get home and in bed until past 5:00 a.m. (!!!). We left later this year than usual. But this isn't the first time we've come back really late. I clearly recall one year that we were 'racing the sun' as we came home -- and we had to WORK that day! The nice part today was that we have our Mondays off this time of year, so we could go straight to bed, thankfully...

It was AMAZING last night! We both saw more than 20 'falling stars' (smile), which is a record for us! (There have been years when we only saw three or four...) Tonight is actually the peak night, but I can't imagine it being better than last night.

It was pretty COLD, though (brr), even with our jackets and blankets! We got chilled and neither one of us felt that great today. But you know what??? It was totally worth it!!!

Well, we're off to bed soon. Marilyn has work tomorrow and I need to do more housecleaning (Amanda comes tomorrow night for Marilyn's massage).

I was planning to have Donn in to work on Wednesday, but that's his birthday, so I may need to rethink it... (smile) Anyway, I do need to get him in this week, for sure.

That's it for today!

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