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Went to the Show...

Marilyn and I are just back from going to Kennedy School Theater (McMenamins) to see the film "The Bling Ring" -- which was great fun!

Like all McMenamins, you can have beer (!!!) while watching a movie, along with your popcorn, candy and soda. Fun, fun!

Marilyn did her 20 miles (again) this week on the treadmill -- impressive, isn't it? I wish I'd felt well enough to do the treadmill this week... (sigh) I can't wait to get back to doing it again!

Another lazy day for both of us, watching tennis and sleeping, for the most part. I spent ages reading my Kindle paperwhite, too.

I also played a little bit at Instagram -- part of the time doing things with the festival account, which I'm trying to build up. It's slow going, I have to tell you, but I'm pretty determined!

My own Instagram account is now up to 225 Followers -- and I've posted 163 times. The festival account has 158 Followers and 63 posts. I didn't start the account, but I've been trying to drive it since the festival ended...

I 'cross post' the Instagram stuff for the festival to both our Twitter and Facebook accounts, too (it's very easy to do) -- just as I do for my own Instagram account.

Get this! I did an 'artistic' image of a rose for the festival. Over at Facebook it was Liked 215 times and Shared 31 times! That was me taking a photo I shot of a rose from our garden at the office, then making it look like a painting. Cool, huh?

I also made a compilation of three rose photos. That was Liked 125 and Shared 14 times. Very fun!

The way it works, you get stats for both Instagram and Facebook for the same image. (I'm not even including what happens with Twitter, because we don't pay that much attention to our Twitter account, in all honesty...)

Anyway, I can come up with stuff like this until the cows come home. I love the artistic outlet, by the way. (grin)

Well, we're off to bed soon, I suspect. It's almost midnight. Goodnight all!

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