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Stayed Home (Again)...

No, I didn't end up going to work today, after all. I stayed home, trying to feel better...

I would have LOVED to work on cleaning house, too. But I didn't go there. And I'm dying to do the treadmill again (!!!), but I'm putting it off, for now...

My throat feels better (knock on wood!!!), so maybe I'm turning the corner -- I sure hope so!!!

Loving watching old episodes of "Family Affair" every night recently -- what a sweet show! Marilyn has our DVR set up to tape it daily (it's on very early in the morning on METV).

What did I do today? Slept, laid around, sat around. I did read my new Kindle paperwhite, too. I'm reading "The Family Corleone," by Ed Falco (based on an unproduced screenplay written by Mario Puzo -- who died in 1999). It's not as good as Puzo's stuff, but still entertaining (so far, anyway). I'll let you know what I think when I've actually finished the book.

I've read many of Mario Puzo's books, though certainly not all. But I have read all of his books regarding the Corleone family -- well, except this one, obviously! But I'm not sure I can call it his, even if it's based on his writing...

I'm reading a couple other books, too -- you know me! Always reading more than one book.

Sister Sue and I spoke briefly this morning. She wasn't feeling well at all, I'm afraid. (Not even good enough to go for coffee...) And she's planning to skip the cribbage tournament this weekend.

So many GOOD movies out right now! Excited to go see some (hopefully soon).

And that's my Friday...

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