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NaNo Update (Thursday -- #1)

I did quite a bit of NaNoWriMo activity today, but most of it wasn't writing.

I had something of a epiphany regarding my novel yesterday. While writing I realized where the main theme of this book is headed -- which required that I go back today and do a rewrite of a previous part/chunk.

ETA: This is so long I'm coming back in to lj-cut it. Sorry I didn't do that to begin with!

Anyway, I rewrote 6 (I merely number my parts/chunks, rather than name them). To keep from making myself CRAZY about numbering, I simply took the total of the 'new' part (which I made 22-6 -- meaning it's 22, but actually a rewrite of 6) and subtracted the total of the 'old' one (6, in other words). That might not make sense to anyone else reading this, but it thankfully does to me! (smile)

The upswing is that I ended up writing 1,381 words today, which is just great by me! So here's my new total number of NaNo words:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
24,678 / 50,000

Marilyn mistressmarilyn recently devised a little chart that gave her a proposed word count per day for the remaining days of November. She varied these, making the goal for one day be 4,000 words and another only 500. I liked the idea, so I basically copied it. (With a few changes to the word count, but not many. With her on vacation after today, I figure we'll pretty much match the way we apply ourselves to the task-at-hand from her on out...)

Anyway, my proposed goal for today was 500 words -- and at one point I wasn't sure I'd manage it. I wasn't feeling burnt out today, just for the record. But I needed to do some organization of what I've done so far -- and where I plan to go from here.

I made myself a list of questions while I was sitting in the car outside my sister Sue's doctor's office. Long story, but I ended up going shopping with her and then out to her doctor's. I didn't want to waste the time sitting reading magazines in the waiting room, so I stayed in the car with my NaNo notebook, jotting notes and pondering... (grin)

Got back around 3 pm and bolted my lunch. (I'd made myself a sandwhich this morning when I made Marilyn's lunch.) I was hungry, in spite of having had breakfast this morning. (Some days I don't eat lunch at all. Must be using that brain power, I guess. LOL.)

I've been tired today. I didn't sleep that well last night. (And I know for a fact that Marilyn slept far less than I did!) So I've been considering a nap all day, but never quite got there.

But I just realized that at some point I got my 'second wind' (as they say). I'm not dragging right now! (smile)

Something's wrong with our furnace. Damn it. Well, I guess we'll manage somehow... (It smells like oil all through the house right now. Ugh.) I need to 'stick the oil' -- but I'll have to wait until tomorrow and daylight, I think... (Unless it gets much worse! LOL.) With the new budget in place, we sincerely don't need any big issues right now. But that's life in the far, far west, as our dad used to say!

I'm excited about "Harry Potter"!!! (We might go to the midnight showing. Depending on how tired Marilyn is. It's currently 7:30 here and she left for work at 8:00 this morning. For those bad at math, that's 12 and a half hours with no break...)

Well, if we don't go tonight, we'll go tomorrow (during the day!!!), for sure.

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