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Home Sick Today...

I stayed home from work sick today. I've got a bad sore throat and a fever and I just feel lousy. Very tired.

I slept most of the day, really.

I did go grocery shopping with sister Sue -- which was great, as we were out of some things. Sue and I had Starbucks and got to chat. We like to see each other at least once a week. (I sent home with her the canister set for Candy -- I hope Candy liked it!)

I also went over briefly to June's to check on an Amazon thing, but didn't stay very long.

And I got the garbage and recycling done, too. (It's 'real' garbage week, so it needed doing.)

Marilyn got home very late -- she got her hair done after work today.

I'm headed back to bed now...

I do need to go to work tomorrow, no matter how crummy I feel.

Tags: 2013, amazon, august-2013, garbage-and-recycling, groceries, june, shopping, sick, sister-sue, sleeping, sore-throat, tired

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