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Some Housecleaning Today...

So, I didn't end up going to work at the office today, after all...

Instead I stayed home and started to clean our living room. It needs doing, but I'm especially motivated right now because I know we'll be having Amanda back out to the house next week (Tuesday?), to give Marilyn a massage. As she used to do, she drives here and sets up her table in our living room, so Marilyn can get a massage. This has been therapy for her (she's had issues with both of her shoulders being frozen, for example), so I think it's essential she get back to having it done again. Yes, it's expensive. But I think of it as a medical expensive. It's too bad this sort of thing isn't covered by insurance, but that's how it goes...

It's been two years since Marilyn has seen Amanda (back in 2011). Hard to believe! Time certainly flies...

Funny! I used to always enjoy the fact that Amanda was coming to the house -- it kept me on my toes with keeping things nice. (The same used to be true of our Writing Circle meetings, for that matter...)

That probably sounds terrible -- needing motivation to get things clean. But it's like this every year, I'm afraid. During the festival it's nearly impossible to keep the housecleaning up. (On the other side of that, we don't make us much mess, because we're not HERE to do so... grin.) We're just too busy and have too few hours to spend on it. That goes on for months. Then when we ARE free -- and do have free time -- we're so tired that we don't want to focus on cleaning (and other chores). Eventually I get back to it, but it does take a push or two of one kind or another...

The living room still needs the floors scrubbed and a few other things. But for the most part, I got it done today -- and it looks good. (Not great, though. We've got very old furniture that needs to be replaced, and there's no making it look any better than it is, I'm afraid... sigh...)

I also tried to see my friend and neighbor June today -- we've been hoping to see each other for ages. I phoned there in the afternoon and talked to Jim (her husband), hoping she'd get back to me so I could drop by. She did call me in the evening and tell me she wasn't feeling well today. She's been having trouble sleeping for a long while now.

I think part of it might be habit. Her body is in the habit of staying awake all night, so it's nearly impossible for her to get to sleep until 5:00 a.m. or so. I've seen this a lot, actually. And Marilyn and I do this to ourselves constantly, for that matter! We love 'staying up all night' -- so we do it quite often during vacation (or whenever we're not working, like on weekends sometimes). It's HARD to get back in the pattern of going to bed AND TO SLEEP -- during the early hours of the morning (past midnight, I mean) -- when you're used to being awake then. (I've known more than one person to struggle very hard to break that cycle...) We're lucky (Marilyn and I) that we're used to keeping odd hours. We can 'fit in' sleeping so that we don't end up as tired -- and so that we can get up in the mornings for a more 'normal' day (whatever that is!!!).

Frankly, Marilyn and I have made a strong effort to stop staying up as late and to get more sleep. It's hard to function well and be healthy when you don't have the sleep you need. And there's no doubt in my mind that our health has been impacted by a lack of sleep for several years in our lives...

I feel bad for June, because she's clearly frustrated by her sleep issues. I'm not sure what the answer is, though. I guess she could try sleep aids -- at least until she gets her 'pattern' for sleeping working again. Seriously, this isn't as easy as it might sound. You really have to force yourself to go to bed by a certain time, and then to get up at a certain time, too. And when you're TIRED and feeling cranky from lack of sleep, it doesn't get easier, that's for sure!

Sister Sue has had sleep issues her entire life (or most of it). I've often wondered how she could function -- and function so well -- on so little sleep. Anyway, I've seen how hard it is for her, that's for sure.

Marilyn is currently doing the treadmill -- then it will be my turn. Then we'll head to bed and try to get a decent amount of sleep. We did take one of our evening naps, though -- so we've already had some sleep, thankfully!

I'm hoping maybe June and I can see each other tomorrow -- I've asked her to phone when she's up and available. But I'm not pressuring her, of course. She needs to SLEEP when she can. And we can always see each other when she's able (if I'm not working either at the office or in my home office, of course).

Well, I'm off!

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