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GREAT Day -- Big Road Trip (Around 680 Miles...)

Today was our roadtrip to Wildlife Safari (in Winston, Oregon). We were on the road by 7:00 a.m. (!!!), which is decidedly a record for going there (we've usually gone later). So we arrived there around 10:30 -- again, a record.

We stopped along the way, too. To get Starbucks and do Instagram, for example. For the record, I managed to Instagram six times today -- pretty good when you consider we didn't always have the best access to the internet. (grin)

Doing the elephant car wash didn't work out for us this time around (due to timing) -- so we did an elephant experience, instead (at $12 each). We got to go into the elephant compound and be with Alice (our fave of all their elephants). Alice is 44, by the way -- they've had her 42 years. That makes her a Senior Citizen, in case you were wondering...

They chatted about Alice and elephants and had her show off. Everyone there got to feed her a carrot and then pat her trunk. Pretty cool!

Many of the animals were very close up this year! We practically had Bison in the car with us (!!!). Very fun! We renewed our membership and drove through the entire place taking a bunch of photos and doing Instagram.

After that we drove to Eagle Point, Oregon and visited the Butte Creek Mill -- which is an actual working flour mill, by the way! Pretty cool.

From there we headed to Crater Lake: Crater Lake is what is known as a caldera lake (located in south-central Oregon). The main feature of Crater Lake National Park, it's famous for the deep blue color and water clarity (it's the deepest lake in the entire United States). Believe it or not, Marilyn and I have NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE this in our lives!

But there have been a lot of forest fires in the state -- and the smoke is heavy in the air all over the place. So we get all the way to Crater Lake only to discover you can't see it (!!!) because of the smoke! Imagine that. (sigh)

Anyway, we managed to get home here by 11:30 p.m. -- in time for me to blog for today (woo hoo)! Now we need to clean out the car and get ready for bed, because we both have VERY BUSY DAYS at work tomorrow! And we're pretty tired out and need to get some sleep.

(Neither of us slept well last night -- maybe because we were excited about today. So that wasn't much help facing all the driving and HEAT and excitement We're pretty exhausted now!)

We're loving our MONDAYS OFF so far for 2013 -- and trying to make sure we put them to good use!

That's it for today...

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