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Busy Vacation Day? Kind Of... (grin)

Marilyn and I are now racing to get to bed (!!!), because tomorrow we're making our trip to Wildlife Safari.

We managed to have a rather BUSY day today, believe it or not.

We drove out to the Woodburn Premium Outlets mall (it's something of a drive), so we could shop. Two things here: It was hot (!!!) and it was packed (!!!) with people -- and I do mean packed. There's a TON of parking there, and it was all we could do to find a place to park (going all around the huge place more than once).

We did go to the Starbucks located there so Marilyn could have a latte and I could have my Green Tea latte (yes, I'm still getting it!).

Marilyn needed to find some new running shoes, and I wanted some new Croc sandals (which I live in year round, really). We managed to get both, at reasonable prices.

Heading home we decided to go to the Kruger Farm Market on Sauvie Island and get some roasted ears of corn (we'd only had corn ONCE this year, so far!) -- so we headed that direction. And then we decided we could shop for the shorts I wanted, if we drove further that same way and went to Walmart. So we stopped and had our corn and headed off to Walmart. (It's not the usual one we do all our grocery shopping at -- that's over in Washington state. But it is one of our favorites, even so.)

There we got some clothes (a lot of stuff on sale), plus a few things we needed, like toilet paper and paper towels (typical essentials!).

Coming home we stopped at Safeway to pick up a couple of grocery items (like cottage cheese and fruit bars). By then we were SICK of shopping (!!!) and worn out -- and totally ready to come home and eat and have a nap...

As I said before, I need to RUSH this (!!!) so we can head to bed soon! I'm supposed to be doing the treadmill as we speak (damn it!), so we can go straight off to bed. We need to get a REALLY EARLY START in the morning. We want to be on the road by 7:30 at the latest...

So that's my day and that's our plan! I'm done! Sorry for the rush!!!

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