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Summer Vacation: A Week of Doing NOTHING. (grin)

Well, Marilyn and I did get up early this morning, still planning to head to Wildlife Safari. But the weather forecast was for a GLOOMY gray day all over Oregon -- and we didn't want that drive for the trip. It's a long one, and we want SUNSHINE when we go! So we decided to postpone. No worries! We've got more time off coming and plenty of chances to get there. We might go as soon as this coming Monday (for example).

Special thoughts to sister Sue and her family tonight. Dave passed today. Dave is the husband of Cheryl Kay -- who is Tammy's mother. Tammy is married to Larry (Sue's son -- Marilyn's and my nephew). I know that's all confusing! Let's try it this way: Sue's son Larry lost his father-in-law (Tammy's step-father) -- who was also obviously grandfather to Larry's children. He was only discovered to be terminally ill quite recently, so he went very fast. He was suffering, so it's a blessing. But it was quite unexpected. Marilyn and I didn't really know Dave, but we feel sympathy for Sue (and the rest of her family).

Marilyn and I tried to go to a movie tonight. But it was in a part of town where there is little parking, so on a Friday night with people all over that area for recreational purposes, we just couldn't find anywhere to park. We had to give it up... We'd wanted to see the film "The Bling Ring" -- which is the 2013 movie where a bunch of fame-obsessed teenagers known as the 'Bling Ring' use the Internet to discover where certain celebrities reside so they can rob their homes. (Victims included Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, among others.) We saw the 2011 made-for-TV-movie at one point, and found it entertaining. Anyway, we both still want to see this film if we get the chance...

We came home and I fixed fish for dinner (we hadn't really eaten all day long).

I spent a bunch of time today just reading my NEW Kindle paperwhite. I'm still learning a few things about how to use it -- such as how to remove items from the device. Some things were a bit more obvious on my old Kindle, but they aren't hard to learn on the new one. If I'd just take the time to sit and read the User's manual, I'm sure I'd be fine. Hahahahahahaha. But that's never going to happen! I still haven't read the manual for the first Kindle, for that matter...

Thankfully you can Google for anything! In this case, I saw the User's manual referenced, and actually went to read it (!!!), if you can imagine. (grin)

I went over 200 Followers at Instagram today. I still don't really understand HOW you get Followers -- it's not the same as Twitter, for example. (I reasoned out how to get Followers there easily, actually...) I do think you need to Like what others share and Comment from time to time -- which I want to do anyway, so that's no big deal.

I tend to Comment here at LiveJournal, Comment at Facebook and Comment at Instagram. I also try to Reply to Comments at LJ, Comment to other Comments at FB and answer my Comments at IG. I Like at both FB and IG, as well -- which shows others that you're seeing what they share...

After all, to be active with SOCIAL MEDIA, you need to be social, right? I'm not saying that I don't 'lurk' sometimes, because I do. For those unfamiliar with the term, lurkers are people who visit some Social Media site and just observe -- but never interact. I remember when I used to do that (more than a decade ago, mind you), because I was nervous about how to interact correctly (!!!). I don't think there's really anything wrong with lurking -- I know a lot of people who never do anything buy lurk. But if you want to be involved in the social aspect, you have to do more than lurk for people to have a chance to know you...

Yes, yes. You're all thinking: Charlie has no trouble with this, because she's always been a social person. It's easy for her! These days, yes. But I was painfully shy as a young person -- all the way from childhood through high school. What I finally learned was that it's not really 'easy' for anyone. We're all in this same boat! Somehow knowing that makes it easier to reach out to others, I think. Plus people WANT to interact -- I really believe that! Even shy people want you to reach out to them. I could relate dozens of times that this has been true in my own life, but I'll spare you all those stories. All I know is this world is a better place when we go through life sharing things with other people. It works for me!

Well, Marilyn and I were talking about getting a movie On Demand, so... Or maybe we'll just goof off and play more Zuma! This vacation is exhausting!!! (Not at all!!! Hahahahahaha.) And we're both LOVING IT!

Happily sister Sue seems to be feeling a bit better today. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers...

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