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Pedicures and Dinner Out

Marilyn and I finally forced ourselves to go and get our pedicures done. I used the 'buzz' icon because they gave me a glass of wine (which they often do there), and I got a tiny bit of a buzz on from it. (All I'd had to eat before going was my daily yogurt.)

This was interesting today, because I actually really enjoyed the pedicure experience for a change! Generally speaking it's UNCOMFORTABLE -- if not downright PAINFUL (usually both). It hurts to have your nails cut down then messed with, cuticles cut and feet scraped (ugh). And when they rub your feet and legs it's too hard and not at all relaxing. But for whatever reason today (???), there was little or no pain (woo hoo) -- plus the rubbing was NICE! And the hot towels were nice. And the wine was nice (smile). And I was reading my (old) Kindle and almost drifting off, so it was all good.

I think that's how most people think it would ALWAYS be, getting a pedicure. But this might be the first time ever I felt that way -- and I've been getting these for years. So... Hahahahahahaha. Marilyn and I both see this as a chore that must be endured -- which is why we tend to put it off, I guess. If it could always be like this, I bet we'd be quicker to get it done.

Of course, Marilyn's experience wasn't the same -- poor thing! So...

We'd planned to try and see sister Sue, whom we haven't managed to get together with all week long. But she was gone to her cribbage tournament last week and it took a toll on her. She hasn't been feeling good since then. And she was pretty sick last night and today, I'm afraid. We offered to go to the store for her, but she was having Candy do that, so said she didn't need us to. It's hard when you want to help someone and there's really nothing you can do... As always, your good thoughts (and prayers) are appreciated! And I always try to tell her who responds -- she (like Marilyn and me) feels close to all of you...

After the pedicures we got Starbucks. Today I had a coffee Frappuccino, and Marilyn had a latte -- instead of green tea lattes (which is what we've been getting). It was quite a treat!

Then we went out for Chinese food (I'd been craving it). Not the best meal ever -- and the server there was just bad. She clearly hates her job and doesn't really try to do a good job. Too bad. This place is right by the house, but I suppose we're going to have to try and find a new place to go. (sigh)

We napped this evening. And I'm just in the process of finishing up our garbage and recycling for the week. (I still need to clean the cat boxes.) It was sort of creepy outside tonight. Some weeks it's like that -- and I can't quite put my finger on WHY. But I try to remain 'on my toes' -- because we should never ignore our instincts, after all...

We need to get to bed really soon, as we're taking our ROAD TRIP tomorrow (!!!). We're excited! (For those of you who Follow Marilyn and me at either Instagram or Facebook, keep an eye peeled for photos tomorrow!)

I'll share more about my NEW Kindle paperwhite soon. I've been playing with it and really enjoying it -- mainly because it's SO VERY EASY to read. Yes, I still love my old Kindle -- but this new one is amazing! And it's not that expensive, so if you've been thinking about getting one... Well, maybe I should do a serious review before you decide. (grin)

Yes, I did get my work done last night -- hurray for me! Considering how little we've been doing this week, that was an accomplishment. Hahahahahaha. Oh! And I cleaned a shelf in our linen closet, too! (Long story as to why, so I'll spare you. But it turned out nice!)

Okay, on that note I'm off!

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