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New Kindle -- Kindle Paperwhite!

Once again Marilyn and I didn't really do much today -- I can't tell you how much we're enjoying just not doing anything. (grin)

But we did go for a drive -- and shopping. We ended up at Best Buy, which carries tons of technology (woo hoo). We got new cases for our iPhones, for example. This isn't easy anymore, as we have iPhone 4s, and currently it's all about iPhone 5s...

Anyway, I've been wanting a new Kindle for some time. If you've known me for several years, you know that I got my first Kindle back in early November of 2010 (read about it HERE) -- so I've had it for two years and nine months (or pretty close to three years). And it's been used HARD! Almost every single day since I got it. Plus you don't want to know how many times I've dropped it. Yeah, mainly on a soft surface, but still! (I fall asleep and drop it a lot, I'm afraid, reading it in bed...)

Marilyn bought this as a GIFT (!!!) for me -- isn't that wonderful??? It looks like this:


Kindle Paperwhite (Read about it HERE.)
Wi-Fi, Paperwhite Display, Higher Resolution, Higher Contrast, Built-in Light

I've already loaded more than 100 books from my Amazon account and plan to load more, soon. That went remarkably FAST, by the way! I hope it doesn't take too long to load up more. I think I've got something like 800 books on my old Kindle... (smile)

I'll let you know how it goes with the new Kindle when I've played with it a bit more. It's pretty basic and seems fairly simple to use. Maybe even easier in some ways than the old one was. Plan to read more Kindle stuff in the next few days... (grin)

We also got a keyboard cover for Marilyn for her iPad -- which the festival is providing. Both she and Jeff were authorized for these (by me, basically) months and months ago. We did get one for Jeff, but hadn't gotten Marilyn one, as yet. I think she really likes what we got her. (Frank, I think it's exactly like the one YOU have, which I thought was very cool!) We got Jeff the Zagg version (which I think is pretty cool, too). But Marilyn's is from Logitech (the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover). These run around $100, by the way. I think they're worth every penny, by the way. They make the iPad a reasonable replacement for a laptop...

I need to do a couple of work-related things when I finish up this blog entry. Marilyn is down doing the treadmill as I type this, by the way.

I'm getting close to 200 Followers at Instagram now. (Just checked. I'm at 197 currently.) To date I've made 139 posts there. Both Marilyn and I just love it! (If you're there and want to Follow me -- and have me Follow YOU, just let me know! I'd love to Follow you, of course!)

Well, I'd better get to my work, I guess...

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