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Coloring My Hair...

I actually colored my hair on June 17 -- which is six weeks ago. I generally don't color this soon, but I used a new color last time that was far too 'bright' -- and that just didn't take all that well. So I'm trying another new color (!!!), that's supposed to be darker (fingers crossed). The brand is L'Oreal (specifically the Healthy Look creme gloss -- 3RR Vibrant Darkest Auburn). I like L'Oreal, so hopefully it will turn out decently...

Otherwise I'll just put yet another color on top of it, if necessary! I have a color I really like. But it doesn't cover gray all that well -- and I've had gray hair since my late teenage years (genetic from my Dad). As this is a totally new product, I've no clue how it will turn out. So I guess we'll see!

We had yet another quiet day. We'd considered going to Wildlife Safari today, then pushed it back to later this week. We want to be up EARLY for the trip -- it's quite a long ride to get there...

Aside from our usual TV watching, messing with Instagram and game playing (Fascination and Zuma), we did plan to have Mexican food for dinner out with sister Sue. But she wasn't well and couldn't go. So we just got some takeout and came home again...

Are any of you familiar with author Anais Nin? I haven't read any of her work in years and years, but I downloaded a book I had way back when for my Kindle today. (I don't know if I still have the hard back book around here anywhere, or not...) She was a prolific and amazing writer. But for bloggers I think I'll mention that she is perhaps best remembered as a diarist. Her journals (which span decades) provide a deep insight into both her personal life and her relationships. She knew a number of prominent authors, artists and psychoanalysts (along with others), and she wrote often about all of them. (To date, fifteen volumes of her journals have been published.) Fascinating, isn't it?

I can't wait to read her work again. I'm considering downloading more, as well...

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