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Summer and Vacation!

So, I never mentioned that when we went up the Columbia River Gorge (otherwise referred to as 'The Gorge' -- where Multnomah Falls is located, Frank...) to the Pilot truckstop (smile), we found a season of "21 Jumpstreet" for sale -- when Booker was a regular on the series.

Yes, we were "21 Jumpstreet" fans -- plus huge Booker (and Richard Grieco) fans.

Anyway, we've been watching some episodes of "21 Jumpstreet" today. Talk about a blast from the past!

We went out shopping today (very briefly). We found a few cell phone cases at Freddies that would fit our 'old' iPhone 4s (it's all about iPhone 5s, now) -- so we bought a couple of them. My most recent case broke badly, so I'd gone back to an old case that was also broken, but not as bad as the recent one...

I was out of my fave fragrance, too, and got a new bottle of it. And hair color (I need to color again).

The rest of the day? We took it easy again and watched TV and played games and did little or nothing. We slept in, again. Sleeping a lot has been WONDERFUL. Resting has been wonderful. Goofing off has been wonderful. We might not have a big list of things we've done during vacation so far, but we've really been having a GOOD TIME, even so! (grin)

I spoke briefly with sister Sue, who wasn't feeling very good. She spent the week at her cribbage tournament. Not taking her water pills and being exposed to a local fire (all that smoke) was hard on her poor lungs. She's glad to be home again...

We also saw cousin Linda very briefly today, outside the local library.

All in all a quiet day -- which really isn't as boring as I imagine it sounds. Give me a lot more boring, actually!

Life is very good!

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