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Frank's Visit and My Domestic Wednesday...

It was a DELIGHT to have Frank fbhjr visit us in Portland (from Boston) yesterday. Marilyn and I actually were able to get off work EARLY (!!!) to head out to the Holiday Inn at the Airport to meet up with him. We drove back to our office and parked there, then gave him a down and dirty (quick) tour of our office, before walking over to have Chinese food at one of our favorite places, the Mandarin Cove Chinese restaurant, where we frequently go for lunch. (This was our first time ever going there for dinner, by the way. They have a slightly different menu in the evening. It was quite fun!)

Frank grabbed the check (!!!) before Marilyn could -- and we'd both totally planned to buy dinner, so it was quite a surprise for us! (Marilyn almost always buys dinner when we go out with friends, by the way...) We would have gladly taken him for drinks after dinner, but Frank doesn't really drink. So we opted to show him a little bit of Portland via the car -- not easy when we only had him there for one night and it was soon starting to get dark...

Our visit was great fun! We did a lot of talking and clearly have a lot in common. I'd love to get to know his wife sometime, too. I think it would be wonderful if they could come out sometime and stay over at our beach house, which has plenty of room for guests (unlike our Portland home)... Probably a pipe dream, but I still love that idea.

We've been lucky enough to meet other online friends years back, but none recently. So this was a delight!

By the way, if any of you have the chance to get to Portland, we'd certainly love to see you! (The only time that's difficult for us is in the spring/summer months, because of the festival -- but even then we've been known to find time for our friends...)

Frank had a 12-hour flight back home today -- I hope it went well. Like me, he can't sleep on planes (!!!), which sucks. But he had his Kindle, so hopefully he got some reading done... (grin)

As for today, Marilyn had an Auction meeting first thing. I slept a bit late, then started in early trying to tidy up the kitchen and office, which I worked on all day long. I'm back to wanting to DUMP a bunch of things (we have TOO MUCH STUFF), which I've been working on for months, as you all know. We just can't focus on the house AT ALL during the festival months (starting in April and running through June). And we're so damn tired when the festival is over that it takes ages to get motivated again. (sigh)

But I hate the mess! I want to get things in better order around here. And if we could get organized, then we could also have an easier time cleaning, which matters to both of us. So hopefully today was the start (yet again) of project organize and clean. (smile)

Also, tomorrow night is our Summer Board Meeting -- which is our annual Board picnic, now. I got a reminder from Christine about bringing chairs for the event, so I went outside and spent close to an hour scrubbing down four outdoor chairs that would work -- but were just filthy (!!!). Since the beach house, we just haven't put any focus at all on our back yard (it's a ton of work). The chairs have been sitting out over the winter without being covered, so I'm sure you can imagine how nasty they were. They're clean -- and after checking them twice, I've confirmed that they're dry. The final task is to get them into our car -- which might not work at all, to be honest! (They were gifts from a friend, so we didn't transport them here -- and I can't recall how much space they took in his rig...)

We can also take our 'tennis' chairs (which fold up). We have three of those (including one for sister Sue). It makes me sad to think that the matching one we got for Mitch was just tossed out... (Random thought breaking in...) It's entirely possible that we'll ONLY be able to take those three chairs. Oh well, I didn't mind the work! It was certainly a sweaty time, though (the high today was 89°!), I have to tell you (and of course I did it in the heat of the day -- dummy!).

Dinner was cooked in the microwave (smart in this heat, right?).

Marilyn is napping and I'll be doing that soon, too, believe me! Tomorrow will be a busy day...

I have a meeting with Mark and Rich (SmugMug-related) in the morning. Then I'm working on several computers for the Auction software update that has to happen annually (and is a big pain in the ass). I also have a photo project I need to do for Marilyn...

And that's my Wednesday.

Oh. I forgot to mention I was having ISSUES all day with our internet connection, damn CenturyLink. Plus I wanted to read and comment at LiveJournal today, but it was DOWN for hours and hours. (sigh) I took that as a sign to get off the computer and work on the house. (smile)

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