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Fun and Chores Make a GREAT Day!

This time of year Marilyn and I really, really enjoy our Mondays off work. Sure, we earn them the rest of the year (!!!), but we don't take them for granted for one second...

We started our day by sleeping in again (woo hoo) -- but we did stay up really late, so we needed the rest. We had a quiet and slow morning, poking around the house.

Then we pulled ourselves together so we could go for a ride up the Gorge. We ran some errands, first, which included picking up Marilyn's prescriptions. And taking my check to the bank. While at Freddies (which is where my bank is located), we also got Starbucks (yes, I'm still on my Green Tea Latte kick).

The ride up the Gorge was LOVELY -- it was a perfect summer day! Blue skies and sunshine. Just wow. In Hood River we went to the Big Horse Brew Pub for a late lunch. But first Marilyn had to drop me at a local bank to buy a roll of quarters -- because you need quarters for the parking meters locally!

That pub is really fun and has a great view out the windows. Marilyn had a salad and I had a burger and the food was good -- we had a great time!

We crossed over to Washington state to drive home, stopping at Dog Creek where we walked back in to see the waterfall (which is very cool). If any of you are Following Marilyn or me at Instagram (???), you can see the videos we each made of the waterfall...

When we got back to town we forced ourselves (grin) to go get our manicures. We each got fills and it was very fast. Marilyn got one of those trendy new 'frosting' colors that are all the rage right now. I want to try one the next time we go! If you haven't seen these manicures, it looks like you've got frosting on your fingers, I swear. I adore the look -- and the colors are great fun!

The woman also fixed my left big toe, where I stubbed it and destroyed the nail in the process. (sigh) Next up will be getting in to have our pedicures, but happily we didn't need those today!

The final chore was to get over to Walmart in Washington to go shopping. I wanted to try one of those ReliOn meters for blood testing that I'd been hearing about on TV. The meter was under $20 (!!!) to buy -- but more importantly, the test strips to use with the meter are only $10 for 50!!! I can tell you that's quite a difference from most test strips, which can run $75 for 50. (How ridiculous is that price, by the way???) I'll still continue to get the test strips that I get from my insurance (and work with my old meter), but this way I'll have an affordable backup when I need one.

Anyway, because we needed the pharmacy to be open, we couldn't go late at night like we often do. We were pleased to get there in plenty of time to buy the meter and strips -- and pick up a couple of other items we needed, like cat food. (Only Walmart and Freddies carry the brand of cat food we use.)

While there, we each got some really cheap clothes, too, on sale. I think I'll wear one of my new tops to work tomorrow. Thursday is our Summer Board Meeting, so I think I'll wear one for that, too. And Friday is the Staff Party, so I can wear another for that. (I think I got three -- I can't remember right now -- so that's perfect!!!)

Well, I'm coloring my hair and need to go wash out the color, so that's it for today! As you can see, we managed to get a lot of chores done -- and to have FUN, too!

Tomorrow Frank (from here at LJ) is going to be in town, and we're meeting up with him. We can't wait!!!

Sister Sue is headed to her cribbage tournament tomorrow -- I really hope she feels better and is able to attend.

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