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Fuck 'em If They Can't Take a Joke

What a delight! I woke from my nap to find "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E." on -- and it's a haunted house episode!!! Wonderful!

(Have I mentioned that my NaNo novel is a children's book -- about a haunted house?)

Now, I find I must make mention that my most recent LJ Comment received (which was anonymous, by the way) made me think of a couple old family sayings we've always enjoyed:

That's life in the far, far west.


Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

The comment was in reply to this entry, oddly enough. I've screencapped it and will share it under the cut.

Charlie is Old (???)

Here's the screencap:
Charlie is Old

(I decided to cap it in case the person who wrote it came along and tried to DELETE it. So, that brings up a good question... Can one delete an anonymous comment, or not? Anyway, just in case, I screencapped it so I'd have it.)

I sincerely wish I could work up some righteous indignation about the comment, but so far I've found it impossible. I just can't get riled by a comment written by some young person who clearly doesn't know any better.

Oh, those days of the teenager and youth (early 20's)! When some people tend to be wrapped in angst and self-pity and have no self-esteem, no political leaning, no wisdom, no sense of style and no sense, period. Oh my.

Yes, I've been blessed to know many people of that age who don't fit that bill AT ALL. But they'd never be involved in writing a comment like the one I screencapped, so they're not the focus of my pity.

And I do pity young people who fall in that category I just described. I'm not at all bothered by my (advanced?) age, for the record. I happen to live a wonderful life, with the freedom to do what I like. I have a large circle of friends that I love and who love me in return. And I am both respected and admired by many people, as well. What more could I possibly want from life?

Youth? Hardly! As I'm fond of saying, you couldn't pay me enough money to return to the years before I reached 30.

I suppose if I didn't feel so good about myself and my life I might be upset by that comment. But I found myself smiling when I replied to it and I'm smiling as I type this. If the anonymous person who wrote it had hoped to upset me, I'm sorry to say he/she (it?) failed, miserably. Of course it doesn't hurt that the poor idiot doesn't even know the difference between 'your' and 'you're.' (grin) Didn't one of my friends mention that recently?

I guess it's hard to upset someone who managed to write 8,008 words on a NaNoWriMo novel these past two days. (And in all honesty, I don't think I'd dump more than a word or two once I redraft the finished work.)

So don't waste time feeling sorry for me if you thought about it at all. Save your pity for the poor young person who wrote that comment, instead. (sigh)

It's a shame that young people revel in being evil and unkind behind their online anonimity, but I believe that what comes around goes around. Seriously.

Or, better yet, the best revenge is living well. And I'm certainly living well! (smile)

On that note, back to my NaNo novel -- and "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E."! (Fun, fun!)


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