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Remember My Blogging Goal? Fail.

Well, it's ironic that I was just discussing how well I'd been doing blogging for 2013 -- because I fell asleep and just missed another day, only the fifth time this year that I'm failed to blog daily...

Oh well.

As for Saturday, Marilyn was well enough for us to stop by Chris' house for the RHSSA Volunteer meeting that was held this morning. We didn't get up in time to be there for the speech she made, but that was actually a good thing -- because Marilyn got so hot and shaky while we were at Chris' house that she was afraid she was going to faint! We didn't stay very long, anyway, because of her not feeling that great...

Once we got out of the house we headed over to Starbucks...

Here's an amusing thing that I think I've forgotten to mention to date: I've started drinking green tea lattes! To really appreciate this, you have to know that I've tasted Marilyn's in the past (she has a long history of drinking them), and thought they were HORRIBLE. Nasty tasting! But then I was reading about how healthy they were, so I started drinking them a couple weeks ago. And that's all I've been drinking ever since...

And that's what I had today, too...

After we got our drinks, we walked over to the St. Johns Farmer's Market, which is across the street from Starbucks. (It's held in front and beside what used to be Dad's.) Oh! And today was the annual Sidewalk Sale in St. Johns, too. So we walked around to several shops that we haven't been in for ages, and took a lot of photos. (smile)

One shop that I used to frequent a ton in the past has changed hands a couple of times since then. It's now a vintage shop with a lot of really cute stuff!

Marilyn was okay walking around, because we were outside a lot of the time, so she didn't get overheated.

During the rest of the day we shopped and snacked and rested and played some games. We did do some major shopping for groceries at Safeway, as we were OUT of everything (!!!). We had lists for Freddies, Safeway and Walmart, but only went to Safeway -- so we got a bunch of stuff there that we normally might buy somewhere else. It was good to get some FOOD in the house, anyway!

We've been playing a lot of Zuma lately. And we have a Fascination game for our iPads and iPhones that's fun -- well, that's equally as frustrating to play as the REAL game is, might be more accurate. (grin)

And we continue to be crazy about Instagram and spending time there...

Marilyn watched some classic horror films while I was napping. Right now she's playing Zuma next to me while I type this blog entry.

It's after 3:00 a.m., so we should head to bed soon. Our hours are off, as we've been staying up all night while she's been sick and unable to sleep at night.

Tomorrow? We need to get our manicures done. (sigh) Hard to say what else we'll do...

Sister Sue was home sick today. She was so bad she had to ditch her cribbage tournament, I'm sorry to report. As always, prayers for her health are appreciated. And that was Saturday -- even if I'm writing this on Sunday...

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