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Still Blogging -- It's Been a Pretty Good Blogging Year...

I was just reflecting on the fact that 2013 has been a good year for me, blogging-wise. So far I've missed two days in May and two days in June -- for a total of four days. And half the year is gone at this point... Not bad! A lot better (sigh) than in 2012, where I just went to hell in the first part of the year...

What I discovered was that it's not about having super-interesting or 'special' posts for me -- it's about keeping track of what actually happens in a given day. Because later on I'll want to refer back to these entries, and see what was up -- and it's helpful if I related what happened when...

So this blog remains fairly dull. But it does keep people who care up on my day-to-day life -- and it's actually helpful to me when I need to track something...

In that vein, Marilyn was home sick again today. She even slept a bit today, though I'm sure she could stand to sleep more! She really needs to catch up, after being restless and unable to sleep while she's been sick...

Sister Sue is playing in the Portland Cribbage Tournament this weekend, starting today. The nice thing is not needing to get a place to stay, as she can come home at night.

Marilyn and I remain hooked on Instagram -- we just love the insight into people's lives! While LiveJournal offers one form of insight -- what people share with writing -- Instagram offers a visual side. I often think how I wouldn't even RECOGNIZE my friends here at LJ, even if they were standing right next to me, because so many of you rarely share one image of yourself (much less several). But at Instagram, most people share photos of themselves -- and the people they're close to -- all the time! You'd think that wouldn't offer much insight, perhaps, but I beg to differ. I think there's a lot to be said about looking into someone's 'face' -- even via a photo. And in photos, expressions are captured forever -- which is actually a small miracle, when you think about it!

I've used icons with my picture for years, so even when I didn't have photos inside my blog, it wasn't that difficult to recognize me. (smile) Please don't get the idea that I think I'm terrific to look at. I realize I'm not! But I'm comfortable with myself, even when I don't think I look that great in a given photo. Good thing: I have to live with me, so I'd better be able to stand seeing myself! Hahahahaha. I know a lot of people are uncomfortable with how they look... In fact, it fascinates me often the most attractive people are odd about it!

I've worked with some really good looking young women. One of them was model beautiful -- but ridiculous about any photos taken of her! These had to be 'perfect' -- otherwise she wanted them deleted! Marilyn was shocked, and found this very vain of her. I have to admit her behavior colored my opinion of her, too -- and not in a good way. To be that beautiful and that picky? It seemed quite immature. (Admittedly, this was an intern, meaning she was young. But still...) The other day I was using a photo of our Board president and one of our staff members to Facebook. I showed it to her and she had a fit! She felt the photo made her look 'too fat' (she's a stick, so believe me, that wasn't true at all!). She really wanted that photo ditched, but I'd already posted it. And every other person in the office thought she looked great! Note that these problem people are all women... What does this say about females and photos? Are we as a gender that insecure about our looks? (God knows growing up I HATED to even have my picture taken. And in those days I had a terrible inferiority complex... sigh... I'm SO glad I got over that.) Or is this about VANITY??? Are women more VAIN than men? (Not sure I buy that, by the way... I know some very vain men... Hahahahahaha.)

Okay, I've digressed. It's hard to explain very well, but I do love seeing photos of people -- and photos of all the things they enjoy in life. It really makes you feel a connection. Actually, it's surprising how fast you can feel close to people at Instagram. But we're pretty visual, I think, so maybe it's not a surprise... Those of you who are active there will know what I'm talking about...

Anyway, we're still spending a lot of time there, looking at photos (and sharing them with each other). And posting there, too...

I really need to go and wash my hair, even though it's late! So I'm off...

All in all very little happened today. We watched TV and we played some games and we slept. And I did fix dinner tonight. (Not easy, considering we're out of everything and really need to go grocery shopping!)

I hope you're all enjoying your summer (except for those of you in the midst of winter, of course!).

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